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Tonight as I was reading “Healing after loss ” your beloved wifes card fell out of the book. I realized a year of Rons passing is almost upon me. I realized that you went through the same loss as I did. I realize the pain and tears and heartache that I have endured this past year is what you also endured.
Thank you for being a good friend to Ron. He always talked kindly of you and your dear wife.
Thank you for the book that certainly helped with my grief. Sincerely, Jayne Steiner

Me parece que fue ayer que Sherin partio de este mundo, y pienso que esta en uno mejor pero es dificil aceptarlo, siempre esta en mi pensamiento y en mi corazon esta gran mujer !! Mi carino, respeto y admiracion para su familia siempre.!

What a powerful, insightful person, Sherin Bowen. Bob, thank you for sharing the web site information. In reading her biography, the last line of the closing remark is particularly poignant: I will behold God beholding me and smiling, and smile back.” That phrase is an empowering image for good, just like Sherin continues to be.

I’m sorry for your loss. As part of a marketing campiagn, Mrs. Bowen was listed as owner of a 2000 Jeep and was sent a letter. Bob Bowen wrote me a personal note on the letter to honor Mrs. Bowens life by visiting this site. I did. I read. I can relate as I lost a brother in-law in the blink of an eye. His daughter was 3 months old, my god-daughter is now 11 and is all “Bill” he would be so proud. Your site is touching and inspiring, a permanent record of a heart wrenching situation. Thank you Bob, for inviting me to your memorial site. The world lost a fine soul, but her legacy surely is carried on by her children and family.

Como pasa el tiempo, ya son cuatro anos que Sherin se nos fue, pero parece que fue ayer , siempre la tengo presente en mi corazon a ella y a su familia Con el carino de siempre. Leonor Guerrero y Familia.

Dear Bob & family,
It was such a pleasure to see you, Bob, at the recent Abbotsford Class Reunion, & to have a chance to visit some. As you can see, we went to the website that you wrote on the back of a business card & found all this information. We were shocked when you told us a little about Sherin having an accident that claimed her life, but now know more details. We are so sorry for your loss!!! Words don’t seem adequate to express one’s feelings for your grief, but just know how much good Sherin & you accomplished together, & how much you both are loved.

Love, Bev & Neal

P.S. Please stay in touch, Bob.

I don’t think I ever met Mrs. Bowen, but I knew her husband as a teacher and coach at Granville High School in Brown Deer. Although I never had him as a teacher, I did know who he was and followed his gymnastic teams and their gymnasts loyally for years. I stumbled upon Mrs. Bowen’s autobiography while searching online for anything Granville High School-related and was pleased and intrigued to read it. What a wonderful and moving story! A good friend of mine, Debbie Dreyfus, is a niece of Lee Dreyfus, so the mention of his name and actions hit home to me as well. Debbie also attended Granville and graduated from Brown Deer HS in 1967. I was in the class of 1966, the last year of Granville High School. What a changing year for both me and the Bowen family! I began college at UW-Oshkosh in 1966, left there in May of 1967, spent a semester at UW-Milwaukee, and then left school to get married and move to California. I came back to Wisconsin in 1972 and have lived here ever since. Married in 1968, I became a mother in 1969 and was a stay-at-home mom for quite a few years, raising my three children. I went back to school in 1978 for my Associates Degree in Word Processing. In 1981 I returned to school and received my bachelor of arts in History and Pre-Law in 1983. After many years working as a paraprofessional in MPS, I received my certification and began teaching kindergarten in 2000. I received my masters degree in 2010 and am now retired. Mrs. Bowen and I followed similar paths, but I never went international and certainly didn’t explore as many areas of study or work as she did. But I admire her very much for the wonderful things she did, the meaningful and selfless gifts she gave to all those she touched, and for the wonderful life she gave to her family and friends. I know it’s very late (meaning 2012) but I want to extend my sympathies to your family on the loss of such a wonderful person.

Querida Sherin: Como pasan los años ! pero el Legado que dejastes no sera olvidado, estoy confiada en los sentimientos y una gran esperanza para que siempre tengamos personas que puedan lograr la diferencia tan ansiada en pro de los mas desposeidos; y que los dirigentes sean personas sin egoismo para un desarrollo generalizado.

Siempre en mi corazon, Leo.

Sherin, with you gone everything is diffetrent. Yet we live on and there isn’t a day that i don’t think of you. Back in late July I took some of your ashes with me to one of my big baseball games and spread them over the pitching mound since I was pitching that day. I felt that by doing that I would have you with me guiding me through the game and working my heart out for the team to get a win. I just knew that by doing that you would be proud. You were something beyond amazing and I don’t know where I would be without all the things you taught me and helped me with when I was younger. I miss you so much but I have a feeling I’ll see you again. but for no, yours truly. A Woman may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.
Javier B.

Dear Bowen Family,

Thank you for the email you sent yesterday on the anniversary of Sherin’s undoubtedly grand entrance into heaven. Although there was of course sadness in remembrances, I also had to smile when I thought of the joyous welcome she must have received from God and the Angels that day.

Just wanted to let you know that my family and I are thinking of you. We have a picture of Sherin (and with Bob, Andy, and I) on our fridge that was taken when I was pregnant with Lilia. Lilia enjoys naming everyone in the photo (including herself), and Ruthie can also manage a version of “Sherin”, though her “Bob” comes out loud and clear.

Our love to you all,
Nikki (Wolensky)

I knew Mrs Sherin Bowen around the year 198, when I met her she was helping Nicaraguans families with a group from Wisconsin Partners building schools, libraries, teaching sewing machines operation to local ladies, etc.
She was very optimistic and I learnt many things about Wisconsin with her and her group. She also was very active on helping many Nicaraguan students either locally or inviting them to Wisconsin schools. For me people like Sherin was the best kind of Ambassadors the US may have. I mean giving, understanding and optimistic. I have great memory about her .

As a student at UWSP in the early-mid 90s, I volunteered at the WI-Nicaragua Partners office. Sherin was such a delight, and as a young woman I admired her enthusiasm and her zeal not only for really living life but for really helping people. She was so grateful and so gracious, and I have remembered her fondly over the years. There was a lot I did not know about Sherin, as we spent perhaps only 40 hours together, but by coincidence I now raise sheep, spin wool, and do a bit of weaving. I think she’d get a kick out of that. What a great lady, what a tragic loss . . . but what an amazing contribution she made to the lives of so many.

I read this sad news in the UWSP Alumni newspaper. I worked for Sherin as a volunteer when I was a student at UWSP ten years ago. Thank you, Sherin.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I volunteered at the WI/Nicaragua Partners office in Stevens Point for a few years, and Sherin was such a wonderful person. My experience with her was an inspiration, and has played a large role in the path I took in my life. I will always remember her smile and will carry the lessons she taught me near to my heart. She taught me so much that I will use with my family, my career and with every relationship I establish. I will never forget. God bless.

Shannon Hext

Dr. Bowen and family,

You may remember me, Dr. Bowen–I worked for a few years in the UWSP International Programs Office (from ’93-95 or so) while you were the director, and I participated in the Spain Semester Abroad. My maiden name is Michelle (Shelli) Mueller, and I worked often with Linda Garski on different projects. I met Sheri in a Spanish class (with Professor Assardo–was that his name?), when she was just first learning it, and I remember she was so excited about it, and talking about these connections she had in Nicaragua. She was always smiling and making me laugh. I remember how surprised I was when I found out her last name was Bowen and you all were married! I read some of her autobiography and the thoughts from the family and am very touched by it all. I am so sad for your family, as your loss is great. Please know that there are people out there you don’t even know who are thinking of her as they learn the news.

If anyone in the family needs help with the Nicaragua project please let me know, as I speak Spanish fluently and would love to see what Sheri has built there. She was such a great person.

Shelli (Mueller) Albertson
Milwaukee, WI

i kwoing at sherin in esteli nicaragua iwant my sincerely salutation for the lost sherin
god is whit her.
armand tel 5057132785

I’m so sorry to read about Sharon’s death. She and I met, probably early in her career with Wisc. Partners. I am with Minnesota-Uruguay Partners of the Americas. We shared some of the same work, goals. She went on to be a real spark in your Partnership, and an example to many. I enjoyed her personally. I know how she will be missed by so many in WI and in Nicaragua, and for her family, it is a tragedy. My sympathies to all.
Darlene Diesch
Minnesota-Uruguay POA

Recuerdo aquellos momentos,
que tan felices pasamos
En los que tu me decias,
ya juntos toda la vida
Maldita sea la gracia,
es muy injusta la vida
Ahora sola me quedo yo,
sin rumbo y sin tus caricias.
No me digas por favor
Que no vuelvo a verte
Pues para mi la vida no es vida
Si tu no estas junto a mi
No me digas por favor
Que no vuelvo a verte
Pues para mi la vida no es vida
Si tu no estas junto a mi
No me digas por favor
Que no vuelvo a verte
Pues para mi la vida no es vida
Si tu no estas junto a mi

Sir; I appreciate the story. I has a stroke in Granada and spent 8 days at Vivian Pellas Hospital. I had wonderful care. I think the care was equal to or better than in the US.

May God Bless you in this time of sorrow and my best wishes and prayers to you and your loved ones.

Hola Amigos

Solo les pido que no se olviden de Sherin, que atraves de la Organizacion en Wisconsin y Nicaragua ayudo mucho a nuestro pueblo, no dejemos que todo eso tan hermoso se pierda, mas bien fortalescamoslo mas y mas cada dia.

Los amigos de VERDAD son contados con los dedos de la mano y si te sobran amigos y te faltan dedos de las manos, date cuanta que algo esta pasando y debes recontar a tus amigos, mis amigos no pasan de siete. OJO con los tuyos, Sherin esta entre mis amigos y es mas es mi madre segunda, y su perdida hasido desbastadora que aun a la fecha la lloro………


Sherin always treated me like a brother, so I’ll miss her a lot. She was a dedicated servant to us, and loved the people of Nicaragua no less than others of her family, and gave her life’s energy to serving others before herself. Con mucho agradecimiento, y como el versiculo dice en la Biblia, Jeremias 31:3: Yo te he amado con amor eterno. Art Angove, past president of WNP, chr. New Berlin/Jinotega.

I met Sherin on one of her many trips to Nicaragua and later during my Partners of the America Organization fellowship in Wisconsin. Her commitment to my country and its people and the joy with which she did everything inspired me. Sherin was one of a kind and her enthusiasm and generosity will always be remembered with great love and affection, as that is what she showed in great measures. Sherin is one of those lights that will never be extinguished. She was, and still is.. an angel.

I met Sharon in 1992 in Managua, Nicaragua who visited my office in search for information for a Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas Child Survival project, we continued discussion for this case, and she was able to get a project approval. During her continuing visits to Nicaragua one time I drove her to Ocotal, Nueva Segovia where I reside.

I was unaware of her death until going through the the Partners web I just saw this very sad news. My belated condolence goes out for the entire Bowen family. I believe I may been in contact with of the family member “Amy” maybe.

I am one of the 5 Nicaragua Partners visit to Madison in 1965 my name is Mike Ramirez my picture is not shown but my name is there – Ing. Mike Ramirez.

La familia Vargas Hudiel de Esteli Nicargua,les envia sus mas siceras condolencias por la pérdida irreparable de nuestra querida y muy apreciada amiga Sherin.
Por sus grandes obras y proyectos para con nuestras comunidades sera recordada pero sobre todo por su calidez y entrega e inigualable dedicacion para la niñez. Siempre la llevaremos en nuestro corazon sobre todo aquellos que tuvimos la dicha de trabajar cerca de ella y con lo cual su legado quedara vivo por todas sus enseñanzas.
Que Nuestro Señor los llene de fortaleza para superar su pérdida y les Bendiga.

La familia Vargas Hudiel de Esteli Nicargua,les envia sus mas siceras condolencias por la pérdida irreparable de nuestra querida y muy apreciada amiga Sherin.
Por sus grandes obras y proyectos para con nuestras comunidades sera recordada pero sobre todo por su calidez y entrega e inigualable dedicacion para la niñez. Siempre la llevaremos en nuestro corazon sobre todo aquellos que tuvimos la dicha de trabajar cerca de ella y con lo cual su legado quedara vivo por todas sus enseñanzas.

Thanks for sharing information about your dear Sherin. Also for the lovely memorial service. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. Especially as Amy resumes her role in the work that Sherin began. Love to all, Nell and Jim

Siento que un angel a partido y en su palido rostro su sonrisa se a perdido

Hermanos seremos por siempre Wisconsin y Nicaragua, juntos seguiremos tus dignos ejemplos e ideales.

Es verdad que te has ido y que tu ausencia nos lastima y aunque nos conforma el saber que

Renaceras desde el dia que te has ido, en cada uno de nosotros que te hemos querido.

Imposible sera pensar que te hemos perdido mas un me llenara el saber que donde estes, estaras conmigo

Nicaragua fue tu ilusion, siempre luchastes sin presincion y le distes el alma sin condicion

Rescatastes a muchas familias de desilucion y con tu amor y dedicacion los llenastes de ilusion.

Bendita seas por Siempre Sherin Bowen, por tu alma generosa, por tu Corazon humanitario port u ardua enseñanza.

Oscura podra ser la noche, podria el sol dejar de brillar pero tu luz nunca se apagara y tu voz jamas se callara.

Wisconsin tiene el orgullo de haberte visto nacer, de gozar tus primeros pasos, de tu adolescencia y juventud pero.-

Es a nuestra tierra Nica a quien le entregastes tu Corazon.

Nicaragua Sherin, nunca te olvidara.

Con mucho sentimiento y amor para una digna mujer con acciones inolvidables.

Mis mas sinceras condolencias para Amy y sus demas familiares. Amy pido a Dios que te de fuerza para soportar el dolor que sientes en tu corazon. Aunque ella no era mi verdadera madre, siento la perdida de ella. Recuerdo cuando estuvimos en VOICE que por medio de la computadora de lla nos enseño las fotos de su familia y sus hijos. Sus palabras me motivaron mucho. Ella lucho poe sus mujeres Chica Nica y Centros de Aprendizaje con ese espiritu amoroso y cariñoso de ayudar a los demas. Ella es un ejemplo en la vida, aunque no este fisicamentem lo estara espiritualmente para siempre en todas nosotras.


Una lagrima por los difuntos se evapora. Una flor sobre su tumba se marchita. Una oracion por su alma la recoge Dios.
Señor, nos la disteis para nuestra felicidad, nos la quitasteis y os lo concederemos con el corazon destrozado de dolor..asi sea.

Ana Julia Flores, Chiquilistagua- Nicaragua

Amy, te acompaño en tu dolor, siento un vacio en el corazon destrozado de dolor de haber perdido a un ser tan querido . Le pido a Dios que te de fuerzas para confrontar el vacio que sientes y ese gran dolor. Yo la siento como si fuese mi madre porque ella nos motivo mucho con su cariño, sonrisa, amor y amistad.
Amy, ten mucha fuerzas porque todavia tienes a tu papa, hermano, esposo e hijos. Siento en mi corazon que ella esta abrigada en los brazos de nuestro padre celestial pero aunque ella no este mas con nosotros en persona, siempre la llevaremos en nuestro corazon y desde alla arriba se que ella nos mira.


Oh Jesus, unico consuelo en las horas de dolor, unico sosten en el vacio inmenso que la muerte causa entre los seres queridos. Tu señor, a quien los hombres vieron llorar dias tristes; padre amantisimo compadecete tambien de vuestras lagrimas. Mirana oh dulce, oh piadosisimo Jesus y por ella concede el alma de tu sierva Sherin. Que asi sea, Amen.

Jessenia Vealsquez, Chiquilistagua- Nicaragua

Para Sherin donde quiera que se encuentre. Yo se que donde se encuentra ella escuchara mis mas sincero cariño que ambas tuvimos. El dolor que sientes Amy lo siento yo en mi corazon. Todas las noches le rezo una oracion que mi papa Dios me la tenga en su santo lugar.
Donde ella se encuentre yo se que estara al lado de todas sus mujeres, ella sabe que la adoramos y siempre estara en nuestros corazones.
Karla Flores, Chiquilistagua, Nicaragua

Amy, te acompaño en tu dolor. Ese dolor lo siento yo tambien por haber pedido a una hermana tan dulce y cariñosa como era tu mama. Yo creo que ella no se nos ha ido, si no que nos esta esperando en la vida eterna. Siempre estaremos juntas de la mano en este mundo, no estas sola ya que siempre estaras unida de la mano. Te quiero mucho y que Dios te bendiga y te de fuerzas a ti, a tus hijos, a tu papa y a tus hermanos y abuela.
Kenia Delgado, Chiquilistagua, Nicaragua

Dejas un vacio, pero a la vez lo llenas con recuerdos porque siempre estaras en nuestros corazones tejiendo amor y esperanza.
Sandra, Managua – Nicaragua

Señor Dios de bondad, en tu presencia tiene un alma tan especial como es nuestra querida Sherin. ya que para nosotros se nos fue primero a la gloria celestial . Que Dios nuestro padre la tenga en la diestra. El dolor tan grande que siente Amy lo siento yo. Se despide…Marcia Flores, Chiquilistagua -Nicaragua

Reciban nuestras condolencias de parte del Centro Manos Solidarias para quienes Sherin fue su gran apoyo y le sirvio de estimulo dandoles muestras de compañerismo y solidaridad. Cada amistad siempre se conserva, una mano siempre se tiende y en el pensamiento siempre se guarda.
Rodriguez, Directora del Centro de Aprendizaje Manos Solidarias, Managua- Nicaragua

Conoci a Sherin hace varios años, desde entonces entro en nuestras vidas, a mi familia, a mi hijos siempre les hablo de todas las personas que vienen de Wisconsin. Sheirn era una persona amistosa, amable, siempre compartio su trabajo, nuevas ideas en el tejido con 2 agujas. A mi siempre en cada taller de los Centros de Aprendizaje me gustaba quedar en su grupo. Tengo en mi mente como si esta pasando hoy un presente que me dio el dia 03 de Febrero del 2009 en APAN, ella personalmente lo puso en mi bolso, lo guardare con mucho cariño siempre. Quiero que su familia sepa que siempre estara presente en un lugar muy especial de mi corazon. Que Dios les bendiga y consuele en estos m0mentos.
Petronila Solis, Chica Nica – Nicaragua

Para Bob y Amy

Siento mucho la perdida de Sherin porque ella era una persona que se esforzo mucho por ayudar en nuestro pais especialmente en todos los Centros de Aprendizaje. Lucho para que salieramos adelente y hasta dio la vida. Era una persona alegre que le gustaba ayudar y aqui siempre la vamos a recordar. Vamos a orar por ella para que Dios la tenga en el cielo. Bob y Amy, los acompaño en su dolor porque yo se que estan sufriendo mucho ustedes y toda su familia, sus hijos y nietos. Que Dios les de mucha fuerza y valor y sigan adelante.
Lea Gomez, Nicaragua

Yo Olga Fonseca del Centro de Aprendizaje Nancy y mis alumnas estamos muy condolidas por lo sucedido a Doña Sherin. Nuestras Condolencias a la familia. Josue 1:9 “Mira que te mando que te esfuerzes y seas valiente, no temas ni desmayes porque Jehova estara contigo en donde quiera que tu vayas”. Para toda la familia, mucha fortaleza. Siempre sera recordada por su gran amor que nos tuvo en Nicaragua y en mi Centro.

Conoci a Sherin por medio de las enseñanzas con los tejidos de 2 agujas ya que ella tenia la gran ilusion de que todas las mujeres arepndieramos a tejar con 2 agujas para formar el proyecto de Shawls. Yo aprendi como hacer los Shawls y las bufandas. Era un persona muy amable y buscaba que las mujeres de los centros cambiaran su situacion economica.
Queria que nos superaramos como mujer en todos los aspectos. Con el Proyecto VOICE ella lucho para que vencieramos el miedo y lo logro. Sherin fue una gran amiga de las mujeres de Nicaragua y estamos muy agradecida.
Sherin, viviras para siempre en el corazon de las mujeres de Los Cedros.

Para Bobby, Amy y toda la familia.
No tengo suficientes palabras para decirles el dolor que yo senit y el que sienten ustedes es muy grande. Le ruego a Dios que les de consuelo y sepan que aqui oramos mucho por ella ya que ella para nosotros fue grande, importante en todos los aspectos. Nos trato de ayudar tanto y lo logro, nos dio su interes, su alegraia, la fe en que podemos. Yo sueno que ella vuelve, quizas es porque a mi me encantaba su forma de enseñar. Lo ultimo que me enseño fue como tejer con 4 agujas, nunca soñe hacer esto.
A Sherin no la olvidaremos nunca, yo se estan sufriendo mucho, le pido a Dios por todos ustedes.

Ach, sie haben eine gute Frau begraben
und uns war sie mehr….
Dear Bob,
although Sherin touched our lives only briefly, we are deeply shocked about the news of her death. We will remember her fondly !
The inspiration she passed on to us will stay for as long as I live.
Angela in Munich

Bowen family,
We have met many of you, but after reading your website we feel we know the rest of the family too. We extend our sympathy and love to each of you.
Sherin’s dedication to the people of Nicaragua was an inspiration to us as we participated with her in the Learning Center Trek a few months ago.
Her spirit lives on in her children and grandchildren. God is with you. Peace.
Jim & katie Gennrich

En nombre de la Comunidad de Las lagunea extendemos nuestro máas sentido péesame a familiares de la señora sherin. La recordaremos siempre como ena persona que le gustaba mucho eyudar a las personas pobres de Nicaragua en especial a nuestra pequeña Comunidad, savemos que eela tenía un gren corazon para ayudar, departe de ella nuestra comunidad rcibió muchas donaciones que se utizaronen personas que más necesitaban, para nosotros es una pérdida grande porque era una gran amiga que daba sin esperar nada a cambio. Vivirá por siempre en nuestros corazones.

On behalf of the Commonwealth of The Lagunea, we extend our greatest sympathies to the family of señora Sherin. We will always remember how she loved and helped the poor people in Nicaragua, especially our small community, we know that she had a great heart to help, through her our community received many donations that are used by those who need it most, for us this is a great loss because she was a great friend who gave without expecting anything in return. She live forever in our hearts.

Bob, I never really got to know Sherin very well, as you two were always so busy with the many worthwhile projects in which you were involved, and we had a few things which kept us busy, but I certainly enjoyed working with you at UWSP, and I respected all the energy and enthusiasm you two had, and the good you did in this area and on the world scene. Marilyn and I were gone for two weeks, so we knew nothing about the tragedy until we returned Tuesday night. Having gone through this myself, I feel for your sorrow, and offer my condolences.

I extend my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Sherin Bowen. Her passing is mourned across our state and all of Nicaragua. When I traveled to Nicaragua in 2007 with a delegation from Wisconsin’s National Guard, I began to understand the breadth of her impact on the second-poorest country in our hemisphere. Sherin clearly had taken full measure of the desperate need there, and her vision to respond to that need drove a full and creative program that is a model for sister state relationship. Sherin represented the very best of citizen diplomats, developing trusting relationships to strengthen ties between our countries and attracting new resources to the Partnership. She was simply an irrepressible force here and abroad, and an inspiration to us all with her model of determined service. The world has lost an important leader.
Barbara Lawton
Lieutenant Governor

I met Sherin when I was very young and had just moved a thousand miles away from home for the first time. She had an amazing way to make life seem easy. She was kind, and brave and comfortable with herself. She was like sunshine to me. She took us into her home and made us feel welcome. She comforted me when I broke down and cried. We only stayed in touch a short while, but let me say this: I wanted to be like Sherin when I grew up! I am grown up now, but still strive to be as brave as she was about life.
My heart goes out to her family and all the many, many people such as myself who feel a great loss with her passing.

Estimada Amy y Familia;

Nuestra Querida Sherin permanecera en nuestros
corazones y en cada recuerdo de su noble entrega por mejorar las condiciones de vida de muchas personas. Su espiritu permanecera en la sonrisa de las personas con las que compartio su inmenza bondad.

Our Dear Sherin will forever remain in our hearts and in every memory of her noble service by improving the living conditions of many people. Her spirit will remain in the smiles of the people with whom she shared her immense goodness.

Betty Galvez- El Salvador

I was so sorry to hear of Sherin’s death. My prayers have been with you and your families throughout this ordeal. This website is a wonderful tribute to Sherin and your family. I was always fascinated watching Sherin spin her wool into yarn at the craft fairs which she used for her various projects. She framed several items for us which my family and I still have. Her work in Nicaragua is unbelievable! She put her heart into everything she did. Her life has been a fabulous example of a life well lived! I have no doubt there is much yet to come.

Dear Bob and Family

I was so shocked to hear of the untimely death of such a beautiful person, wife and mother Sherin. Over the past few days wonderful memories of your inspiring visits to London have flooded through my mind, and made me realise just how close I felt to you and Sherin. You always spoke so proudly of Sherin’s incredible exploits, and reading her autobiography on your website has confirmed my total admiration for a life so unselfishly devoted to serving others.
At this most difficult time my thoughts go out you and all your family, but I know that the inspirational memories of a most remarkable woman will help you to endure this tragic loss.


No encuentro palabras para decirles lo duro que ha sido, recibir la noticia sobre la partida de Doña Sherin, quiero decirles que ella fue una amiga, una consejera, una madre y sobre todo una gran mujer que siempre tenia su mirada hacia Nicaragua, hacia las personas y familias pobres, siempre estaba pensando en ayudar.

I can not find words to tell you how hard it was to receive the news of Doña Sherin’s departure, I say that she was a friend, a counselor, a mother and especially a great woman who always had her eyes to Nicaragua, to the individuals and families, she was always thinking about helping.

Recuerdo la ultima vez que converce con Sherin, me decia sobre su preocupacion de ver crecer nuestra organizacion W/N Partners en Nicaragua, decia hay mucho que hacer en esta oficina, ahora nuestro reto sera hacer realidad ese sueño que tuvo.

I remember the last time I talked with Sherin, she told me about her concern to see our organization W/N Partners grow in Nicaragua, she said there is much to do in this office, now our challenge will be to realize that dream she had.

Sherin esta, ha estado y estara en mi corazon y se que esta al lado de nuestro Dios.

Sherin has been and will be in my heart and is now at God’s side.

The Bowen family outdid themselves at the memorial service commemorating Sherin’s life. It was a beautiful tribute to an unique woman. Every parent would be proud to have such talented and creative offspring. We are comforted that Sherin’s lifework will continue.

My condolences to Bob, to the kids and to the grandkids. I was a high school class mate of Sherin’s. News from Medford gets to me slowly here in Boston via the Star News, which I don’t get until several days after it comes out. I was dismayed to read about Sherin.
I always considered Sherin a good friend throughout high school and ever since. When I first became acquainted with her it was clear to me that she was a person of quality. Friendly, warm, open and approachable, and always with a smile, she had a purposeful air about her. Although in our years after high school, our paths only crossed at reunions, I always felt instantly at ease with her, picking up our conversations of old as if there had been no interlude.
I last saw Sherin at our last class reunion. I went out to her cabin for wine and cheese, and learned, from those around her, of the many great things she had accomplished. I feel like I have lost someone special from my life.

Espero que el mensaje de la cancion sea de <bendicion para todos.

Crystal Lewis – My Redeemer Lives:

For I know my redeemer lives
And in the end He will stand on the earth
For I know my redeemer lives
And in the end He will reign on the earth

Though my flesh it be destroyed
Yet with my eyes I will see God

For I know my redeemer lives
And I will stand with Him on that day
For I know my redeemer lives
And I will stand with Him on that day

Oh my heart it yearns within me
For the day when Jesus returns
Oh my heart it yearns within me
For the day when Jesus shall reign

Though my flesh it be destroyed
Yet with my eyes I will see God

For I know that my redeemer lives
And I will stand with Him on that day
For I know that my redeemer lives
And I will stand with Him on that day

After talking with Amy and other family members at the Memorial Service, I would like to offer to organize or promote a get-together with a group of knitters, friends of Sherin and family members who knit, and perhaps finish some of Sherin’s unfinished projects.
This is something we could do in a few months, after the initial shock of her passing, to commemorate her amazing talents.
If the family is interested, just let me know. It would be my honor to do this.

My heart goes out to all of of you. What a joy that we can communicate from across the globe to offer comfort to one another! I see some former 4Hers from Casimer Boosters have posted – we are just a very small representation of the many lives Sherin has touched during our young, formative years. Through her world-view, Sherin broadened the minds of many children. Like the others, the memories of my 4H years are some of my fondest as well.

God grant peace to all in the days ahead.

Valerie (Kurtenbach) Gallagher

Dear Bob and family,
Just I am back from a business trip to Bulgaria and found your terrible e-mail about Sherin’s death. I can not believe what happened! I am shocked and so sorry! It’s even hard for me to understand this fact.
I feel that I don’t find the right words and what I could say? The loss is so huge that word’s don’t help! But- Bob, believe me, our thoughts are with you.
Sherin helped so many people but nobody could help her after this accident.
Be strong for the next weeks! Take care for yourself.
We will keep Sherin in our minds.
Heidi, Rolf, Anke and Christian

Dear Bryan, Nancy and Family, Mari and I are deeply saddened at the loss of your mother. We did not know your mother. After reading her biography and comments from so many people we are really touched by this remarable women. She was not only a great mother she was a great human being She left this world doing what she loved most. Our deepest condodelces. You are in our thoghts and prayers.

Dear Bowen Family-

I can’t imagine what a blow it must be to lose someone so incredibly wonderful. Thank you for sharing your stories and her biography through this website. She has touched so many lives and made such an impact on the world. I’m proud to be able to say I knew her even if it was for just a brief window in time. I have such fond memories of Rocky Ridge Farm, 4-H parties, sheep raising and so many learning moments with Sherin. She taught me to spin and weave then and her life story teaches a great lesson now. She IS and will continue to be a true inspiration.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Julie (Danczyk) Schneider

nunca estaran solo Jesus esta con odos ustedes y con nosotros
you will never be alone for Jesus is with you and with us

Karla Y Noel

Don Bob, Bob Jr, Bryan,Beth y Amy

Con Todo Nuestro Amor

Karla y Noel.

Crystal Lewis – My Redeemer Lives

Sé que mi Redentor vive,
Y al fin me levantará;
Sé que mi Redentor vive,
Y al fin sobre la tierra reinará.
Aunque mi carne sea deshecha,
Con mis ojos veré a mi Dios.

Sé que mi Redentor vive,
Y con Él me levantaré;
Sé que mi Redentor vive,
Y con Él me levantaré.

Mi corazón desfallece en mí,
Esperando el regreso de Jesús;
Mi corazón desfallece en mí,
Deseando que Él regrese a reinar.
Aunque mi carne sea deshecha,
Con mis ojos veré a mi Dios.

Dear Bowen Family and Extended W/NP Family,

I am terribly sorry for your loss. Sherin was a very special woman, and I admired her greatly. My deepest sympathies are with you.

Beth, Amy and family,

I was saddened to hear of your loss. I remember spending countless hours at your house with your mother trying to figure out the instructions for a macrame project I was working on for the 4-H fairs, and trying to untangle the mess of knots I had created. She was very patient with me. As Vicki K. mentioned in her message, I too will never forget the haunted barn halloween parties we had at your house. They are one of my favorite 4-H memories!


When I heard the news of Sherin’s accident and passing, I was overcome with shock and a sense of loss. I am still having trouble processing the fact that this dynamic woman is gone. I traveled to Nicaragua once with W/NP, and throughout the trip I was impressed with Sherin’s total dedication and commitment to the Partnership. She was so knowledgeable, fair, and compassionate. And even though I was just a “rookie,” she was concerned that I have a meaningful trip. I will never forget her singling me out and asking for my initial impressions of Nicaragua and the Nicaraguans. Why should she care about what I thought? That’s just the kind of person she was. She could see the whole picture, but she never overlooked any individual person or thing. She will be missed, but she will never be forgotten, and her inspiration will go on forever. Rita Bloom, Pine River, WI

Dear Amy, Bob, and the Bowen Family,

After reading the other comment left here, I wonder how many of us will be remembered by people we never met. Sherin brought me and Cindy Brantmeier to Nicaragua and started SPEEAC, the first W/NP language center in Esteli. Being a part of that early project gave me opportunities that shaped my life to this day. I will remember Sherin as a warm, energetic woman who who loved bringing people together.

Estimada Amy, recibe de parte de mi familia nuestras mas sinceras Condolencias, se por los momentos de dolor que estas pasando y tene seguro que mi familia y Yo estamos contigo.

Dear Amy, our family sends our deepest sympathy in these moments of pain, be sure that my family and I are with you.

Le estamos pidiendo a Dios que te de fuerzas a Vos y tu familia para que podas sobrellevar estos tiempos de dolor, quiero que les trasmitas este mensaje a tu papá y tus hermanos, siempre estas en nuestras oraciones y nuestros corazones.

We are asking God to strengthen you and your family as you endure these painful times, please give this message to your dad and your brothers, you are always in our prayers and our hearts.

Quiero decirte que recordare siempre con mucho cariño a Doña Sherin.

I want you to know, I will always remember Doña Sherin with much love.


Bryan, Nancy and Family:
My wife and I are deeply saddened by the loss of your mother. I read her biography and your families’ heartfelt commentary on her passing. It is amazing to think of a person who went from a one room school west of Medford to having such an impact in Nicaragua. Actually that, along with your Stevens Point farm, is probably the best training for international development. Learning to produce all your own food is what most families in the world struggle with. Your mother lived a very full life, but that does not make her sudden passing easier. It is very hard to lose any loved one like your mother so quickly and unexpectedly. She seemed so resilient, yet we are all so fragile. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Peter and Kathleen

I was deeply saddened by Sherin’s passing. I knew Sherin from the first WRLP class. We shared many discussions and fun together while learning way back then. She went on to perform I great service to the people of Nicaragua, and helping us in Wisconsin learn about Nicaragua. I was the beneficiary of that work when I visited the learning centers on FTF assignments. I also have known Bryan for many years with our work together at the UW’s ARS. My thoughts and prayers are with Bob, Amy, Bryan and the rest of the family. Be comforted by the legacy she has left, we should all do so well.
Tom Syverud

Bob, Childen & Grandchildren,
Above all please always remember how much Sherin loved each of you & how proud she was of you. Her face glowed as she spoke of each of your accomplishments, activities, conversations and the special moments she shared with you at the cottage. Never doubt that she also knew that “you” loved her as well. Everyone always thinks they have another day, hour or moment to say those special things to someone. Take this opportunity to tell others how you feel. She would love to claim that as her legacy. Although her accomplishments were many the ones she was most proud of were you…her family!
Nancy Mischnick

Dear Bob, Amy and Bowen Family:
You have received enumerable words of support, sympathy and condolences, because Sherin was one of those truly wonderful people of this world. I doubt if I can find any words that express our [all of us that knew and loved Sherin] feelings any better than what has already been written. However, it would be terribly wrong for me not to try. Sherin was a friend, mentor, inspiration and loving person whose dedication is difficult to match. I truly think of her as a mentor because she chaired the Stevens Point-Esteli committee at the time I got involved in Partners — this was late, 1993. As you know she would, she made me feel welcome from the beginning and was the person that taught me what Partnes is, and could be. In her own special and gentle way, she drew me into the organization. As she moved to the Executive Directors position, I was swept along and helped with Farmer to Farmer program for several years. During these years I got to see and experience the full breadth and wonder of what Sherin gave of herself and gave to the Partners. It is not an over-statement to say that what she did for the organization was truly impressive, bordering on incredible. She had vision, grounded in the reality of Nic. and tempered by compassion for our ‘partners’ and friends in the South; she encouraged the rest of us with a gentle hand that made us [volunteers] feel appreciated and important. That is surely a rare talent. We all miss her, as you must terribly. I hope there is a little comfort in knowing what an impact she has had on Stevens Pt., Wisconsin and Nicaragua. This legacy will shine for a long time to come. I am so glad I had the opportunity to get to know her.

I was so shocked to hear of Sherin’s accident. I have known Sherin and her family for over thirty years, first through 4-H, where Bob gave me flying lessons. I know that Sherin became a closer friend to my mom throughout the years, and my parents were recently in Nicaragua with her and the group.

The things I most remember about Sherin are her vibrant personality and constant smile. She has a wonderful family and she is undoubtedly watching over all of them.

My condolences,
Karen McLaughlin (formerly Danczyk)
Ashburn, Virginia

De lidia con mucho amor y cariño para lafamilia de sherin.
With much love and caring for Sherin’s family

Se que estos son momentos dificiles para todos ustedes y para mi tambien ya que sherin fue una mujer de lucha, siempre estabapresente en todo lo que se referia a las mujeres de nicaragua,luchando para que salieramos adelante y como ella era mujer de fortaleza asi tambien ustedes se fortalezeran recordandola como la mujer luchadora que fue, ahora es en estos momentos que estamos con ustedes y estamos orando para que Dios nuestro señor me les de la fuerza y fortaleza para seguir el legado que nos dejo a todos de ayudar a nuestro prijimo .Que nuestro señor jesucristo me les ayude a todos y sobre todo a ti mi amiga Emy, un furete abrazo para ti y todos ustedes.Son nuestros deceos de lo mas profundo de nuestros corazones de parte de todo el staf de tipitapa.

I know these are difficult times for you and for me, as Sherin was a strong woman, always present in everything related to the women of Nicaragua, struggling to bring us ahead for she was a woman of strength… now in these moments we are with you and are praying to the Lord our God for your strength and fortitude to continue the legacy she left us all to help our neighbors. May our Lord Jesus Christ bring help to us all and especially to you my friend Amy, a strong hug for you and your family. Our prayers are from the deepest of our hearts, from all the staff of Tipitapa.

para: familia bowen

espero que puedan ser fuertes en estos momentos tan dificiles que estan enfrentando creo que su madre fue una gran mujer asi la recordaremos todos en nicaragua recuerden que ustedes tienen la fuerzas como familia para enfrentar todas las adversidaddes pero solo en cristo jesus se pueden obtener jesus lo dijo en cierta ocasion que el que cree en el tendra vida eterna su madre dejara un legado en nicaragua me despido rosa bermudez fletes

Dear Amy and Family,
We are all saddened by the news of Sherin’s passing. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family during this time of great loss and reflection.
Sherin and the Wisconsin/Nicaraguan Partners have been an amazing force for good in Nicaragua for many years. I met her for the first time last fall when she came to visit the Embassy in Managua – she was full of energy and enthusiasm for many W/NP projects – and that energy and enthusiasm were contagious. What a legacy she leaves of thousands of kind acts and lives improved through the exchange of people from two very different places on the globe. Her legacy is one that we should cherish and continue, because her brief sojourn here has definitely made a difference.

Erik Black
Managua, Nicaragua

As a Family Living Agent for Juneau County UW-Extension, I first met Sherin when I went on one of the first Sewing Tours of Nicaragua in 1998. I was so inspired by Sherin and her dedication to her work and the wonderful people of Nicaragua.

Over the years, my HCE members collected sewing items which I would take to the drop off area outside of Stevens Point. They too were so impressed with the Sewing Centers which have become Learning Centers in helping the citizens become self sufficient.

From Juneau County HCE and myself- our heartfelt condolences. Sherin will be missed by so many people. The impact of her work is incerdible and will be seen for years to come.

Amy and family, I am so saddened to hear of Sherin’s passing. We had a nice talk the last time she was here at the American Embassy in Managua. May God give you the strenght to endure these difficult times. May the good memories always be your pillar. A great loss for Nicaragua, such a kind soul.

Carla O’Hare
Managua, Nicaragua

Dear Dr. Bowen
The other day I had Dr. Smith speaking to my health classes at Two Rivers High School and he shared with me about the lose of your wife Sherin. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.
When I went to school at Stevens Point I remember going to your home with our class for breakfast and meeting your wife Sherin. That was something you chose to do for us and I never forgot your gesture of friendship. I have had the opportunity to teach your grandchildren Winston and Torrie. They are exceptional young people and I’m sure you and Sherin are very proud of them.
I would like to thank you for everything you did for me while attending Stevens Point. Sherin had the same impact on people as well. I wish you all the best in the future. Our family and friends will help us get through our difficulties.
Phil Franko

Our thoughts are with you Bob, and your family. We cannot belive this has happened .We are both still in shock. We sure are going to miss seeing Sherin come up for the weekends with Susie. She really liked it up here in her new home. She truely loved her flowers and loved to show off her beautiful yard.
It was such a pleasure to sit with her and listen to her stories of her life. She would do anything for you. She enjoyed talking of her family and really enjoyed it when they were all up here. .
We will truely miss her. God be with you all during this diffcult time. And Bob ,If ever you need anything do call us.
Neighbors; Lee And Nancy Noland

To the Bowen Family. I am still stunned in how fast the events took place regarding Sherin. She was avery gracious and welcoming person. so, approachable, down to earth. I have not known many people in my life that had those qualities. I have only known her briefly over the years but I last saw her January at the cabin. She was so relaxed and happy there and I can see why. She was a great conversationalist and I remember talks about yarn and knitting that we had at her home in Stevens Point. She was a wonderful person who has done such good in her life. I believe her legacy will live on in numberous ways. I have sent a small token of money to Amy for the work in Nicaraga. I feel deeply for you all. May God’s loving embrace keep you in peace when no peace just cannot be found. Candy Hogden/Hopewell Illinois

Know tha she wants us all to continue the work, that she’ll be pleased as we do so, and that she is prouder than imaginable to have had so much life with you.

She is never gone, but simply has got to a next stage of existence before the rest of us. Her presence remains indelible; I almost expect her next request for some Nicaragua maps anytime.

Dear Bowen Family, We are so saddened to hear of Sherins passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Reading everyones storys has been amazing. God bless – Carolyn, Hannah, Hunter and Nicole Feltes

Dear Bowen Family, My brother Chuck (Thorp) called Tuesday to say he heard on the Medford station, that Sherin had passed away. You have both of our families deepest condolences. Truthfully, I would rather be writing to you a Christmas greeting and letting you know all about our families. But that is not the case. We remember all the good times we had with you and your family in Germantown. I wore Sherin’s prom dress to my prom. Sherin had a bridal shower for me with all the neighbors. My mom (Ruth) and I went to a hat party at your church in Germantown. Howard and I took dancing lessons at Brown Deer High with both of you. Always so busy, and smiling, that was Sharin. May God grant you peace in this time of suffering. ” Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer”. Howard and Carole (Boehlke) Sager

Our hearts go out to you. We will miss Sherin very much. Bobby, as always, call me any time you want. Jack and Marikay

As extended “Southern” Family – it was a great pleasure for us to spend time with the Bowen family during our “Family Reunions”… from the Cherry Bounce to the Oh No’s… every memory ended with a smile. Sherin will be truly missed by all. Our thoughts & prayers are with the immediate and extended family.

With Love… Thomas & Melanie Smith (Son & Daughter-In-Law to Sallie Klimaski)

Bowen Family,

We just received the word of Sherin’s death. It is so heart breaking. I haven’t known her
or your family very long, however the world and Lake Esadore will never be the same.
Our deep sympathy goes out to all of you.

I wish we could be there for the memorial, however Duane and I are in Arizonia for the month. Thank you for contacting us
Again she will be dearly missed.

Duane and Edie (Benn) Mittelstadt.

I weep with each passing moment at the loss all my cousins and aunt are dealing with since the angels came for Sherin. Frank and I knew of her work with W/NP ,but didn’t realize the extent of her affect on so many others around the world until we read the wonderful comment sent to the family. She was truely a blessing to so many people.
We will miss her greatly.
My love and prayers are with you all.

Thank you for finding the strength to share your stories, they have brought me back to the wonderful people who have been a part of my life, Sherin and and her family being that. You are in my thought and prayers.

Dear Amy and Family,
I was saddened to hear about Sherin’s death. The last time I saw Sherin was at The Black Purl Yarn shop in Wausau. She was buying yarn to make shawls for Nica women. She showed me a very beautiful red shawl she had made and planned to give away.
I think Sherin was one of the most unselfish people I have ever met. She accomplished so much and did so much good for so many people. I think she really lived the idea of loving kindness.
I know her family and friends will miss her terribly.

Cindy Owen
a Learning Center participant from Wausau

Dear Bob and Family:
I was shocked at the news of Sherin’s unfortunate accident. Bonnie and Jerry called just yesterday to share the news and the web site. I had the pleasure of living with and knowing her in the early years after high school. Although we lost contact over the years, I’ll never forget all the experiences we shared at the beginning of re establishing of lives away from home for the first time, in a big city, far from the home I loved. You were a support and friend back then and I want to thank you. Sherin was and continues to be a bright star in the universe. I am so sorry for your loss. Sherin was on a mission and her life’s work is not over. Her work will continue on though the years with daughter Amy and the Foundation and you. Your family will find comfort and peace knowing of her dedicated and compassionate work with the peoples of the other worlds.

My prayers are with you and yours. Patricia Ross Saltz, Madison WI


I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this very difficult time.

Brenda (Boeckler) Haessig

Dear Bob, Amy & Family,
All of us here share your grief. Words can’t express how sorry I am for your loss. Although, I didn’t have frequent contact with Sherin over the years, I’ll never forget the times that I did spend with her at conventions, here in DC and that very first time I met her when I went to Managua over 10 years ago. We really connected and had an instant meeting of the minds. I considered her to be a dear friend. She will live on in our hearts forever. Roz

Dear Amy,

I was shocked to hear of your mother’s tragic accident and death. While it occurred while she was doing something she loved is I am sure only of little comfort. Your mother’s dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to her calling always impressed me. She was truly a great person and I consider myself fortunate to have called her my friend.

I am sure you will miss her greatly, and will find yourself lost without her advice and guidance. It is most difficult to lose a parent when we are the child that lived closest to them. Our lives are changed more significantly than our siblings’. I know it will not be easy for you.

I think you know that God is still in charge. God allowed this happened. He will give you the strength you need and the peace and comfort you seek. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

My deepest condolences to Bob and your family.

I knew Sherin as a true humanitarian and selfless person. With a very nice sense of humor.

This is the world’s loss as well.

Best wishes and memories,

Roger Bullis
(from North Carolina)

I am incredibly sorry to hear about Sherin, my former neighbor, friend and fellow fiber lover. My thought are with all of you.

Francie Ginocchio
Iola, WI

Claude and I were so sorry to hear of Sherins death. You have our deepest sympathy.
Claude and Kathy Peissig

Our deepest sympathy on the loss of your dear wife, mother and grandmother. She was indeed an excetional person and will be deeply missed by many. However, she has taught you many survival skills and with the help of out dear Lord you will move on and make your own mark on the world, never forget the things she has taught you. We will keep you in our prayers. Saly J

Bob: My thoughts and prayers are with you. I remember you talking about your trips and how much you and your wife enjoyed them. This will be a tough time for you, but knowing you, you will survive and continue on with memories that only you will have. God does things for a reason, I know we don’t understand them at times, but by reading all that your wife did, I think someone needed help in higher places. Take care and remember, my line is always open. Hope to see you soon my friend.


To Sherin’s family,
While I never personally met Sherin, I was and continue to be impressed and inspired by the person she was. I am so sorry for your loss and I know that Sherin will be greatly missed, but that her memory and legacy live on through so many people that knew and loved her and carry forth her spirited work and dedication. In this way, may she continue to touch the lives of so many people. I feel honored to belong to this organization to which she dedicated so much.


Yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

Yourself to talk good health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.

Yourself to make all your friends feel that there is something good in them.

Yourself to look at the sunny side of everything, and make your optimism come true.

Yourself to think only the best, to work only for the best.

Yourself to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are of your own.

Yourself to forget all mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements of the future.

Yourself to give a smile to every living creature you meet.

Yourself to give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

Yourself to be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear.

Thought you’d appreciate my sharing this with you because Aunt Sherin were all these and more.
This was a legacy left to a man’s to his grandchildren/family lately he passed away.

Bob, Amy & Bowen family:
Was devastated & shocked when i got the news from my son, your family has our sympathy and prayers. Just cannot believe she is gone, will miss her greatly. She was a great person, opened my eyes to the great need in other countries from the two trips i took to Nicaragua with her. If there is anything we can do to assist you please let us know. i will miss her.

We’re so sorry to hear about Sherin. She was such a generous and warm person that must be commended for all she’s done for others. She’s a true role model. Her family should be very proud of her. We can only hope that we can make a difference in the world like she did. She was truly committed to her family and making the world a better place–she succeeded.

I met Sherin as a little girl when I married her brother Frank. She helped me a lot when the kids were little — she was a good babysitter. She had her hands full watching both sets of twins, as well as Patty. She was always so calm and in control. It’s hard to believe that she’s no longer with us. It doesn’t seem possible. We’ll sure miss her!

One of our fondest memories of Sherin was at the tour of the pewter factory in Nicaragua on Thursday, March 11, 2009. The family operating the factory had a new puppy and Sherin had to hold and cuddle it. She loved people and animals with great passion. She had vision and was able to get the job done. She will be missed by so many.

Tom and Judy Ordens

Sherin was a very special person who I admired greatly. She was a very caring person with many talents and used them to help others. She valued her family and seemed to keep in close contact with each one in spite of her busy life. Sherin will be missed!

My sincere condolences to your family. I am a current fellow of the WRLP, Class 13. I never had the priveledge of meeting Sherin, however I am very moved by your thoughts and her autobiography. I will be traveling to Nicaraqua in 2010 for my international trip and I hope to see some of her legacy.
My hope is to have the live with the kind of impact and passion she lived, I find many similarites (a heart bond) even though we never met. God Bless you all during this diffuclt time. Rhonda Strebel, Shawano, WI

“Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations… Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom”. (Ps 90). Last week we have lived with prayers and I felt like in the days when everybody was emotionally involved in the hope of Dale’s healing after his terrible accident. God has decided to take Sherin to Him. He always knows what is the best for each of us. But despite her physical departure, she remains with us and her presence will persist in our hearts as an encouraging and inspiring light as long as we will live.

I was blessed to benefit several times of the warm hospitality of Bob and Sherin’s house. It was one of the most delightful moments of Bryan’s and mine very busy two-day period of potato harvest in Hancock. That hour early in the morning of a nice family chat while the oatmeal was boiling in the microwave! It was cold outside and we had to blow a lot of heat to the windshield of our pickup truck before leaving. But inside the kitchen, talking with Bob and Sherin, there was a warm and nice atmosphere.

Sherin was a great person. She had a calm, soft voice and she was spreading peace and love around her. She had established important goals and she knew to pursue them with strength and wisdom. In her bookcase there were books about remarkable women who had great accomplishments in their life. She is not far from them. Her name became a legend in Nicaragua.

She had a soul of an artist. The house was arranged in a very good taste, and I never finished to discover with enthusiasm new pictures, artifacts, clips, drawings, in its rich universe that had so many wonders to share.

She was a great grandmother. On her calendar all her grandchildrens birthdays and important events were carefully marked. And she was a great mom. I remember the respect and admiration we felt when Bryan told me about the wise and full of love letter addressed by her to Bob Jr. and his wife in one of their hard moments.

She was a blessing to everyone whose life was touched by her presence and we were lucky to catch a beam of her loving heart. I will end these thoughts with the verses of the beautiful ancient poem “A thousand winds”:

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.

When you awaken in the morning’s hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there, I did not die.

Many heartfelt hugs to all the Bowens. They gave a new shine to the word “friendship”. May God keep you all under His protecting wing.

Horia, Joanna, George and Matt Groza

Bob and family,
You have our sincere sympathy. Sherin was a good WRLP friend for Don (Group I) and was responsible for planting the seed for him to check Anita (Group II) out in 1990. We were married in 1991. Our thoughts are with you and your strong faith is evident by the stories shared and posted. Sherin fought the good fight and has finished the race set before her, and now she is reaping the reward of God’s love and grace and peace. The sadness is in those who loved her and will miss her. Her passion has sparked a fire that will never be extinguished in Nicaragua…

God’s love and peace be with you all as you celebrate Sherin’s life on this earth. You will be together again in a more perfect and just world in the future. Hold on to that hope and promise and model her faith in action.

Pastor Anita & Don Genrich
Merrimac, WI

My prayers to Bob and Family and to dear Sherin. What a beautiful woman and wonderful family.

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family, we last saw Sherin at the Medford High School Class Reunion a couple of years ago, we so enjoyed talking with her and hearing all of the wonderful things she has done for so many people. Her amazing story will live on as what one woman can do to change the world. Our prayers to all the family.

Dear Bob, Amy and The Bowen Family:
I want to express my deepest condolences in this very difficult and sad time. My prayers are with you and your family. May God give you the strength and comfort you will need. May all the happy memories be with you at all times.
I have worked at Partners of the Americas for 30 years now and have had the opportunity to talk and meet with Sherin. Over the years I saw her on many different occasions – especially at Partners annual conventions. She was an example of a great volunteer leader; she was all about helping people – she is an inspiration to all of us. I will always remember her.
Sincerely, Carmen Sepassi

Bob and family,
I did not have the privilege of knowing your spouse and mother but clearly she was and is very much loved by each of you. Please accept my condolences and belief that God above all knows your pain and will provide your comfort, comfort these words can only allude to.

My heartfelt condolence to the whole family – especially to Bob sr.

Don´t cry that it´s over, smile that it has been (Laotse)

My sympathies are with Sherin’s family and all of the people that know her well. As a student at UWSP , I interned with Sherin, it was a pleasure to know her.

May God bless you.

To Sherin’s beloved family:
“My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” Psalm 119:50

The best kind of support I know to offer comes from the Source of all comfort. And something that has stood out to me as I read the thoughts and feelings that you have so genuinely shared through Sherin’s website is your unfailing faith and steadfast trust in the Lord’s plan, even when it’s impossible to understand why. Although i did not personally know Sherin, I have heard and read so many magnificent memories and accounts about her from my colleagues at Partners of the Americas in Washington DC. She will always remain a hero to so many that were privileged to know her!

I do sincerely empathize with you…with the questions that you must still be asking yourself through such a tragic circumstance. It’s often hard to imagine a better place than here on this earth with our loved ones….but i pray that you hold fast to the promise that you will be with her again…where she is waiting for you, joyful and peaceful.

Blessings to each of you in His name,
Elizabeth Auciello

Our prayers are with you and for the repose our great Sherin’s soul. How lucky we are to have had her touch our lives! So many wonderful things will be done in her name, I am certain of it. How could anyone know her and not want to follow in her footsteps? Such a blessing she was to all who had the honor of meeting her.

Much love to you all.

When I am dead,
Cry for me, a little.
Think of me sometimes,
But not too much.
It is not good for you
Or your wife or your
Husband or your children
To allow your thoughts to dwell
Too long on the dead.
Think of me now and again
As I was in life,
At some moment which
It is pleasant to recall
But, not for long.
Leave me in peace,
And I shall leave
You, too, in peace.
While you live,
Let your thoughts be
With the living.

I pause… What to say? Such a great loss, so unexpected, so sudden.

I ponder the semester abroad flights we shared the fall of 1987, Bob and Sherin to/from England, I to/from Poland.

I ponder the star dust we always are, Sherin being such a bright star for so many of us.


para : familia Bowen

quiero expresar mis mas sinceras condolencias Dios nuestro senor ya la tiene ensu seno yel enviara su consuelo atodos quienes la amabamos yla seguiremos amando en nuestro recuerdo serhin para mi fue una madre yahora sera un angel.. en su memoria la biblioteca buenos aires sera bautisada como biblioteca serhin bowen.estoy orando mucho para que Dios nuestro senor les fortalesca en este momento de dolor DIOS LA TIENE EN SU JARDIN COMO LA MAS BELLA DE LAS FLORES.. MUJER VIRTUOSA .QUIEN LA ALLARA PORQUE SU ESTIMA SOBREPASA A LAS PIEDRAS PRESIOSAS…..

I express my most sincere condolences. The Lord God has her in his heart and the sends his comfort those to all those who loved her and she will always be cherished in our memory. She was a mother for me, and now is an angel… In her memory, the Buenos Aires Library will now be known as the Sherin Bowen Library. I pray that God our Lord gives you strength at this time of sorrow. God has in His garden the most beautiful of flowers… A virtuous woman, who can find? For her worth is far greater than precious stones…..

Dear Bowens, please know that in this time of sadness that las familias Fabretto and Marinacci
are praying for you all. Though it must be hard to think beyond the pain, Sherin left us so many wonderful memories and friendships throughout the Americas. I will always appreciate her reaching out to this young volunteer back in 1990 and being a guest in your home as our work begun together. Please know that we are ready to honor her by carrying on the beautiful work that she begun.

Con un fuerte Abrazo

Adios Amiga….


I met Sharon as a fellow WRLP Group I member. We had a lot of fun during those two years and I remember her fondly. Please accept my sincere sympathies as you mourn Sharon’s passing and celebrate her life. Thank you for sharing so much about Sharon’s life. Sincerely, Lee (Jensen) Bujold

I never met Sherin, but was deeply, deeply moved by her autobiography and the fact that she wrote it. I am in the current WRLP Group XIII that will be going to Nicaragua in a year. I am campaigning for my 6th term on the Ashland City Council, and will draw from her wonderful language in her autobriography in my campaign. I started out as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the mid-60’s, and that experience also shaped my life. I was particularly proud that Sherin was working in Nicaragua at the age of 71. I am also glad WRLP allows older people like myself (66) to join the program, as the program is having a profound impact on me too.

I send my sympathy to all of Sherin’s family and friends who must be grieving about her death.

Extremely saddened by your loss, Bob.
I met your wife once during a CAP get together and was impressed by her assosiation with her organization!
Especially the travel involved!
My wife (Virginia) and I keep a perpetral light burning in our church (Holy Trinity Parish, Newberg, WI.)
We will include Sherin, You and your family in our prayers!
God Bless all of You!

To Beth, Bryan, Bob Sr and family,
The Great Lord has a Very Special Place in Heaven for your mom and wife. My memories of Sherin are from 30 years ago, back when I was in high school. I will never forget the Spring get together at your house, for the youth group, “Campus Life” We had a blast on the Hayride and all the fun activities your parents planned. Plus your wonderful mom put out all this scrumptous food. I thought, what neat parents and what a great place to be raised.

Pam Somers
Custer, WI

Sherin was one of those special people one is blessed to meet and who you encounter only rarely in ones life.Her goodness,caring and vitality shone thru and touched whoever she met.To know her only briefly you knew you had a friend for life.This is a great loss for the Partners , Wisconsin and Nicaragua and her Family and friends.
My deepest condolences to her family.
John Cassidy Fellows V
River Falls-Ocotal Partners

Bob and family
I am truly sorrow to hear about Sherrin. I know that Bob and Sherin were a true team.
Our team at HESA wants to extend our thoughts and prayers to you at this time.
God Bless
Rory Suomi

The Bowen family,

Although I only had a brief opportunity to meet Sherin and Bob at a Partners’ Annual Convention in Buenos Aires back in ’99, it was a memorable experience. Since then and through my involvement with the Illinois – Sao Paulo Partners’ Chapter, I had heard of so many of the wonderful things and great accomplishments of the Bowens not only in Nicaragua and Wisconsin, but from their broad base of friends working in international development programs. Sherin’s autobiography is must reading for anyone working with international development programs — or anyone looking for a model to learn life’s most important messages. She will continue to be, more than ever, a great inspiration for our Chapter and Partners of the Americas as a whole.
My deepest sympathies,
Mike Lofstrom
IL – SP Partners

Dear Amy, Bob, and Bowen family,
It’s difficult to find words to express the sadness of losing Sherin. Although I’d only known Sherin for a few years through W/NP, I soon found out what an extraordinary person she was: generous, compassionate, dedicated, with boundless love for her family and her second home, Nicaragua and its people. I feel so fortunate to have traveled there twice with her. Everywhere we went, Dona Sherin was greeted with hugs & kisses from the many Nicas who knew and loved her. To say that she positively impacted thousands of peoples’ lives is not an exaggeration, rather an understatement. Sherin is, and always will be, truly inspirational to us all.
Your family must be blessed with many wonderful memories of her. May her loving spirit remain with you always.
My deepest condolences,
Connie Lefebvre

A warming hug. Words of compassion and understanding. Actions of love. That twinkle in your eye that radiated hope to so many.
Thank you Sherin for freely sharing these gifts with us all.

“There are no great things. Only small things with great love. Happy are those.”…….Mother Teresa.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Sherin and her family.

John,Sara,Antonio and Eva DeNucci

I have not met Sherin personally, but I am touched by her dedicated contribution to Partners and her sterling demonstration of volunteerism .

President Belize/Michigan Chapter, Partners of the Americas

Our hearts our heavy upon hearing of Sherin’s death. We are in Nicaragua at this time, and send our condolences to Bob, Amy, and all of the Bowen family. Sherin was and will continue to be a great inspiration to us. Please know that we remember her fondly. We regret we will not be able to attend the memorial service.

Alan and MIreya Makurat, whom we are visiting in Nicaragua, send their condolences as well.

We will all return to Wisconsin next week.

Paul F Treder, Oshkosh/Condega Partnership

This message of condolence is being posted on behalf of the members of the Colorado Chapter of the Partners of the Americas.

Many of us were fortunate to have known Sherin. Others knew her by reputation. She obviously was a woman of many talents, who wanted to share, help, enjoy, and love . Partners was just one of the venues she chose to do that. Even though her death seems untimely to us, her accident happened “out there,” involved with others, and enjoying life. May her example continue. May God, through this loss, touch others, bringing inspiration to volunteer and to make a difference, so that it can be said of us, as it is of Sherin, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Betty B. Brown
Vice President
Colorado Chapter, Partners of the Americas

Dear Loved Ones of Sherin,

On behalf to the Trinidad Chapter of Partners I offer sincere sympathy on her passing.

I met Sherin for the first time at the 2007 Convention in Brazil and found her to be a very energetic, inspiring person with a love for life and helping people. She was a live wire of the Nicaragua/Wisconsin team and there is no doubt that she will be surely missed. Her life and loving her extended across international borders; and she will remain in the hearts of many.

Attached is a photo I took of Sherin in her element (uploaded here).

May God bless you and comfort you and may you gain courage in knowing that her life was well spent.


Wendy-Ann Wattie
Trinidad Partners

Bernie and I wish to send our deepest sympatny to all of you for the loss of Sherin.

We knew Sherin and Bob from 4-H and always thought her a very special person. She will be greatly missed.

May God be with all of you

Nancy & Bernie

Dear Bob, dear family,
I am shocked and very, very sad to learn that Sherin has passed away.
We met the first time when Annemarie and I came over to Stevens Point for the Centenary of the University and we stayed at your house. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship…Sherin was such a hearty and warm person.
My thoughts are with you in these difficult and so sad days.
Love from Monika in Munich

I remember when I was a kid in 4H, Sherin with her boundless energy–teaching 4Hers, tending animals, framing pictures, spinning wool, raising her family. And she did it all with such warmth, caring and love. She brought that same energy and passion to WNP. I feel very fortunate to have experienced my first trip to Nicaragua with her. My life, like countless others, has been been enriched for having known her. My prayers and sympathies to the Bowen family.

i couldnt believe when i heard the notice, sherin was a really entusiastic woman who gave her best effort for WNP, but not everything turned grey, now she is in a better place, resting in peace and seeing her family grow day by day. it is really impresing to see all the comments here, to se all the people who admire her, no matter where she is, she was a good example for all of us. My family and I are really sorry, we will pray for you, cause remember that God never leaves people alone, trust him and follow him cause he is “the way, the truth and life” .

Lilliam Perez and family
youth ambassador 2008

Gloria y yo tuvimos el privilegio de la amistad de Sherin, compartir su entusiamo y trabajos, como la fundacion de la escuela de Ingles en Esteli. Trajo dos jovenes profesores Cindy Bratmier y Erik Ober que convivieron y enseñaron Ingles a muchos jovenes estelianos. Las obras que dejo en Nicaragua son muchas, pero sobre todo el calor humano que irradiaba, la alegria y sencillez en el trato. Todos la queriamos y su memoria vivira eternamente en nuestros corazones agradecidos por su entrega y labor.
Que Dios la tenga en el lugar escogido para los que han puesto el Amor en obras sin esperar recompensa. Gloria y Cesar Gadea

Gloria and I had the privilege of a friendship with Sherin, to share her enthusiasm and work as the foundation of the school of English in Esteli. She brought two young teachers, Cindy Bratmier and Erik Ober, that lived and taught English to many young estelianos. The works that she left in Nicaragua are many, but above all is the human warmth that she radiated, the joy and simplicity in her manner. We all loved her and her memory will live forever in our hearts, grateful for her dedication and work.
God has a place chosen for those who show their love in works without expecting reward. Cesar and Gloria Gadea

I have only been involved with WNP for the last 3 years, but in that time I certainly became aware of the impact Sherin has had on everyone fortunate enough to come in contact with her. Her passion and enthusiasm for life and improving the lives of others was very contagious. It is mind boggling to think of the kind of world we would have if there were more “Sherins” to spread goodwill. I feel honored to have witnessed and been inspired by such an amazing woman. My deepest sympathy is extended to the Bowen family.

Kathy and Nicole Nodolf

Bowin Family,

We are so sorry to hear about Sherin. I teach Kindergarten at St. Paul Lutheran where Travis attends school. I did not personally know Sherin, but I do know that she has left a huge positive impact in all those that did know her. Please accept our deepest sympathy at this sad time. She is with her Lord now. What better place is there! In sympathy, Carmen Zuelsdorff and family

To Bob from KayReis – Hiawatha Bicycling Club. I was so sorry to hear about your mother’s accident and death. I am praying for your family.
Thank you for letting us know.

Many years ago, shortly after the death of my husband, Sherin took me off for a “change of scene day”. Along the way we talked of old times and the future and of our aspirations. She wanted to Make a Difference, and that she has to so many, in so many ways. I count myself among the fortunate to have known her.


Someone who never met Sherin might ask “Who was this woman so many people obviously admired?” A dedicated & tireless worker, one of the best international ambassadors ever commissioned, an inspiration to all she encountered, a woman who loved much & was loved by many & a woman who gave of herself endlessly.
Sherin always saw the possibilities in life. She was always encouraging & often saw sparks of light & talent in someone where others saw nothing special. She had the ability to see a rose in bloom in all of us beyond our brambles & thorns. She could make you laugh until you cried & have you tear up with her stories of Nicargua, its wonderful people & challenges.
Sherin was a friend & mentor to me. She challenged me, supported me & made me step out of my comfort zone & perceived challenges. She placed her fingerprints on our hearts & lives & will be sorely missed. I’m sure God is enjoying her company while she organizes the angels to “make a difference.”
Our thoughts & prayers are with each of you!
Jerry & Nancy Mischnick

Dear Bob, Beth, Bryan,Bobbyand Amy,
It is with great sadness to hear of Sherin’s passing. Sherin was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Stevens Point many years agao. We became good friends through University Women at UWSP and were very active in the organization. I think both us were officers in the organization. I had the privilege to work with Sherin when we started the Festival of the Arts that has become an annual event for the community and UWSP.
When I was going through a difficult time in my life, Sherin felt I needed to get away and insisted we attend the Milwaukee Art Show. Sherin was always willing to help others.
I remember the day Sherin called to say she was quitting her job (she was I believe 52 years old at the time) and starting college. She proved that age shouldn’t stop one from attaining one’s goals.
My children remember Sherin with kindness and how much fun that had looking at the baby sheep.
Sherin and I had lost touch these past few years and I will always regret that. It is with regret that I can not attend the memorial service. I have been in North Carolina visiting my son and will be in Denver from March 25 until March 29.
Sherin was a wonderful caring person and I will miss her very much. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time. Sadly, Florina

Our deepest sympathies to Sherin’s family and her mom and brothers .
John & Karen (old neighbors in Medford)

Dear Bowen Family,

While I wish I could be of comfort to you as Sherin has been to so many throughout her wonderful life, please know that she was truly loved and respected and will be missed by many. I am so grateful for the privilege of knowing her. May God comfort you with love and sweet memories.

Paul Teeple

I have enjoyed reading the wonderful comments on this website. I am amazed & proud of the child I raised. She has always been a concerned & caring daughter. It is rewarding to know how loved she was. Many Thanks for your concern for her family. Blessing to All. June Lemke (Sherin’s mother)

Siempre recordare a Sherin como un ejemplo de dedicación y entrega para servir a los demas seres humanos.

I will always remember Sherin as an example of dedication and commitment to serve other human beings.

Reciban mis saludos y condolencias
Martha Cecilia Villada

Louise: Sherin was one of the most interesting and vital people I ever met. She was only 15 when I first met her. I can remember her raising her sheep, carding the wool and how she knew which sheep gave which wool. Then she spun it on her spinning wheel. She is the only person I ever knew who could do that in this day and age. I will pray for you all.

Pat: I only met Sherin once and immediately felt abond to her through our love of genealogy. I felt we would become friends, but never got the chance. It was so sad to read the update that I can’t imagine having to write it. Our thoughts are with you all.

I send my sincere condolences to all of you. I know she was a great woman, a great person who was always trying to help people, and she did it until her last moment. I know this is a big loss, because a good person has left us behind… but I am totally sure she is in a better place, and she is happy, because she is with God.

God blessings to you

America R. Lainez
Nicaraguan Youth Ambassador 2007

Our deepest condolences to all of you at this shocking and sad time….. Having been at UWSP since 1971, I have so many memories of interactions with Sherin over the years – all such positive memories (University Women, the Festival of the Arts, pieces of art Sherin framed for us, getting bales of straw/hay from Bob and Sherin to cover newly seeded areas of our lawn, etc.). Perhaps most memorable is how compelling Sherin always was in her formal and informal presentations – helping us all better understand the wonderous work of the WI/Nic partners project. I hope you’ll all be sustained in remembering her innumerable contributions locally and globally. Mary (and Bob) Mosier

Every once in a while we’re fortunate enough to meet somebody so dynamic they improve lives, set a course of events, and provide direction for others. Those of us who knew Sherin are so very fortunate. Her legacy will live for many many years.

My thoughts and prayers to you all. It’s been a while since I was at the farm from taking care of the animals when you went on vacation to 4H. I have nothing but fond memories.

Sending you blessing and may you find peace in your hearts.

Dear Bryan, Nancy, and Family, She must have put lots of love and heart into her family, and I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m remembering you now with sympathy and prayers. Much love, Linnea Horst (Wrens, GA)

I am so sad that Sherin has left us…but so happy that she is now in a place where she can finally relax. She will be missed by everyone who was ever fortunate enough to have been in her company. We will all miss her energy and enthusiasm.

Our family sends condolences to all the Bowen clan and to Sharon’s extended network.
Sharon was a special person in the WRLP, Group I, many years ago (nearly 25 now). Her consistent approach to doing right and doing it well were inspirations to our group.

We often speak of life changing circumstances after significant events, but it appears Sharon put the phrase to full deployment with her continued work with international development. While I too found fondness for the Nicaraguan people during a leadership activity there (1993), I was not so driven to make a real commitment to seeing that right gets done.

While I know little of her years post-WRLP, she has been thought of often and with high regard. Thanks for sharing her with us then.

God’s blessings and peace to you at this difficult time.


Antes de todo Dios le bendiga inmensamente y llene sus corazones de paz, es una gran perdida que marca nuestras vidas para simepre no les puedo explicar cuanto lo siento en mi corazon, todo lo vivido con doña Sherin, lo aprendido, el trabajo duro, la paciencia, la responsabilidad, el servicio a otros y sobre todo el amor y la amistad, estoy convencida que recibira su corona con nuestro salvador. la llevare en mi corazon toda mi vida pues representa mas de 20 años de mis recuerdos.

Above all may God bless you all immensely and fill your hearts with peace, this will always be a great loss in our lives and I cannot tell explain to you how I feel in my heart, all the life of doña Sherin, the learning, the hard work, patience, responsibility, service to others and all the love and friendship, I am convinced she will receive her crown with our savior. I will hold her in my heart all my life because she represents more than 20 years of my memories.

La Quiero mucho Doña Sherin.
A su esposo e Hijos Fuerza que tenemos que continuar su mision!!!

I love Doña Sherin very much.
Her husband and children must continue her mission!

My condolences on your loss, if there is anything you need, please let me know.


Our deepest sympathies go out to all of the Bowen family from the University of Szeged, Hungary. You will all be in the thoughts and prayers of the staff and the students from UWSP studying now here, as well.
Thank you for making this page and enabling us to be with you this way at least.
Blessings to all of you,


Dear Amy and family,
I am so sad to hear about your Mom`s accident. Even though we shared few moments while you were in Ouro Preto in Brazil two years ago, I had met and seen her before in Little Rock Arkansas and learn to admire and appreciate the work she had done while attending a workshop she delivered about things she used to do (Quilts and other thing)regarding the partnership done with all Partners friends from Nicaragua. At that time I learned also to appreciate her and the work done withvoluntarism. No doubts she will be need there where her work will not end.She was brave, reluctant(just read her Bio)I am sure you are very proud of her and you will keep not only at home with your family and with the Partner the same spirit, the same attitude ,the same determination you have learn from her.May God confort you & family We will be here praying .Receive from Espirito Santo/West Virginia partnership all are best thoughts.Jose Marcio Barros

To Amy and family:

I want you to know that I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet your Mother and see her in action. I truly enjoyed the time with her in Nicaragua last October. It was just so much fun to observe her passion and her pleasant smile. If everyone could touch as many people in one lifetime as she has this world would be one amazing place!

I pray that as time passes your sadness will be replaced with the joy of countless special times that you shared with your mother.

Dear Mr. Bowen,

The Jamaica Chapter extends our deepest condolences on the passing of your dear wife and our fellow partner, Sherin. Such a dear soul–the life she lived attests to this. May you find comfort in the warmth and inspiration she brought to the lives she touched. Kindly extend our sympathies also to the rest of the family. May God strengthen you all at this time.

Trudy-Ann Barrett
President- The Jamaica Chapter

Los participantes de VOICE NICARAGUA lamentamos la perdida de sherin, ya que recibimos de ella muchos conocimientos, nos alentaba seguir adelante y nos deja huerfanas muchos estamos muy triste y compartimos la tristezas de sus seres queridos.
Que el Señor la tenga en su morada, damos gracias al Señor Jesus porque el la tiene junto a él.

The participants of VOICE NICARAGUA regret the loss of Sherin, because we learned so much from her, we are encouraged to carry on though we are left orphaned and saddened and we share the grief of your loved ones.
That the Lord has her in his home, we thank the Lord because Jesus has her with him.


Dear Mr. Bowen,

We in Jamaica are deeply saddened to hear of your loss. Although words are inadequate to ease the pain you bear, please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. May God strengthen you in this difficult time and may the peace which comes from the fond memories shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead.

Pat Ramsay & the Jamaica Chapter

My daughter, Sue Wasson and my sons Kevin McCreary and Michael McCreary send their condolances along with mine. Sorry we couldn’t be there to mourn your great loss. Sherin will be greatly missed by many. Your photo gallery shows how much she was loved by so many.

Sending deepest sympathy to Bob and the entire family in the loss of your beloved Sherin. She will always be a hero to me and to countless others. What an amazing impact she made in her life, and such love for you, her family, is evident in her biography.
Stevens Point is losing far too many heroes, long before their time (and ours) in recent months.
Surely their inspiring lives and gifts will continue to hold us up, and continue the inspiration in our own lives.

You are all in my heart,
Cindy Chelcun

Sherin was “one of a kind”. She cannot be duplicated but one would do well to emulate her being. She will be greatly missed.

Doris Crocker

My family will hold a memorial Mass for Sherin at St. Jude Catholic Church, 3930 17th St. Sarasota, Fl; on Sunday March 29th at 12:00 PM. Any friends in the area are welcome to come.

para toda la familia de sherin este es un momento muy dificil pero tengan la plena confianza que ella se fue de esta tierra pero seguira viviendo en nuestros corazones siendo una persona muy amada por muchos. ya que ella fue una mujer de ejemplo y de buen corazon y yo creo que ella esta descansando en los brazos del señor.estamos orando por ustedes para que Dios les de fuerzas y fortalezas en este momento dificil por que el es el unico que puede llenar el vacio de sus corazones .esto asido un golpe grande para todos pero esta asido la voluntad de Dios y tenemos que aceptarla.

this is a very difficult time for all of Sherin’s family but I am confident that while she left this earth she will live in our hearts as a person much loved by many. since she was a woman of example and of good heart and I believe she’s resting in the arms of God. we are praying for you that God would give courage and strength at this difficult time for he is the only one who can fill the void in your hearts. it was a big blow for all but it was in the will of God and we must accept it.

Sherin is the sister I never had. We helped one another, we laughed, we cried, we complained. We had our get away on Washington Island weaving and spinning. I was blessed to have married into this family and I will miss her deeply and treasure my shawl and all our time together. Marlene Lemke (sister in law) Your one of kind Sherin Love you.

Siendo nicaraguense, y sabiendo que Sherin hizo mucho por mi pais, y sus personas, su ausencia va a ser una cosa terrible para todos los nicaraguenses que ella toco con su buen corazon. Yo conoci a Sherin hace mas o menos 3 años, y me impresiono muchisimo su amor por mi pais. Ella ahora esta con Dios, y siempre tendremos su bendicion. Extrañare muchisimo a Sherin, pero siempre guardare su gran sonrisa en mi corazon.

I am a Nicaraguan and knowing that Sherin did much for my country and its people, her absence will be a terrible thing for all the Nicaraguans that she touched with her good heart. I met Sherin about 3 years ago and she impressed me greatly with her love for my country. She is now with God, and we will always have her blessing. I will miss Sherin a lot, but will always keep her big smile in my heart.

We remember you and your family in our prayers at this time. No words can ease the pain of separation, but our faith gives us hope that we will meet again in heaven.
I hadn’t seen Sherin in years, when we met up again at June’s birthday party in Medford. Sherin had done a great presentation of pictures and memorabilia. She gave me a picture of my mom’s family (Ruth Schneider Retterath) that I had never seen before. What a treasure for us. Sherin was a ball of energy and vitality, and a gift to anyone who got to know her.
Blessings, Mike and Rita (Retterath) Clark

Dear Amy, Bob, Sr., and Family,

My deepest sympathies on the loss of your mother and wife. I can hardly imagine that she is gone. Please know that if there is anything I can do that would be helpful to you or to the Wisconsin / Nicaragua Partners that Sherin worked so hard for, I will do it—just let me know.

I had hoped one day to take a trip with Sherin to Nicaragua. While that chance is gone, I know that her spirit will continue in the organization through your efforts, and hopefully the redoubled efforts of our members. I can’t imaging that in any way we can “fill in” for her, but we must.

My prayers and support in this most difficult and sad situation.

Lois Lawler, Stevens Point

I was saddened to hear about Sherin. I know she lived her life to help others and my belief is that she will be well taken care of forevermore. I know that thought does not lessen the heartache of missing her, but should give you hope that you will be with her again. My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time.

Oh my dears! I am so very sorry for your loss — it is a loss of a powerful, amazing woman. I knew Sharon through knitting. She called me up one day to ask if I’d develop a knitting pattern for W/NP, which resulted in the “La Wisconsinica” shawl pattern. After that Martha Fullmer and I worked on the Manos a Manos Shawl fundraiser for W/NP.
Sharon’s energy and passion have been so inspiring to so many people. I am so glad I knew her. I will think of her as I knit, and send prayers your way.
Jane Barnard

I have not met Sherin personally, but I am deeply touched by her dedicated contribution to Partners of the Americas and her sterling demonstration of Volunteerism.
On behalf of the Belize- Michigan Partners and as Chairman of Partners Partnership and Programme Development Committee , I send my sincere condolences and my prayers.

Dr. Chris Bennett,
Belize/Michigan Partners

Most of you don’t know me and I never had the opportunity to meet Sherin. My name is Bill Zuelsdorff. I am the principal at St. Paul Lutheran school and have had Travis and Heather Wiza as students. On behalf of the school staff, I would like to offer my deepest and sincerest symapthies to your family. From what I have read, Sherin was a very special lady and the world has lost a super person. Your loss is heaven’s gain. I will be sure to keep your family in my prayers over this loss. I can tell from the messages you have left that you are rooted in God and know that His purpose is supreme and good. Keep the faith and know that in all situations God works for the good of those who love Him. I would encourgae your family to keep carrying out the work that Sherin was doing. I’m sure this would be her wishes for you.


Bill Zuelsdorff
Principal – St. Paul Lutheran School
Stevens Point, WI

Desde hace más de diez años tuve la fortuna y el honor de conocer a Sherin en sus primeras visitas a Nicaragua. El recuerdo que tengo de ella es el de una persona llena de energía, de ideas innovadoras y con un incansable afan de servir. Sus esfuerzos por llevar los beneficios de Wisconsin-Nicaragua Partners a las comunidades más necesitadas de Nicaragua fueron numerosos, como numerosas son las personas en quienes ella ha dejado una huella imborrable.
En estos difíciles momentos de su partida, deseo expresar a su querida familia y a todos los miembros de WNP, mi más sentido pésame.

For over ten years I had the fortune and honor to meet Sherin on her first visits to Nicaragua. The memories I have of her are of a person full of energy, innovative ideas and a relentless eagerness to serve. Her efforts to bring the benefits of Wisconsin-Nicaragua Partners to the neediest communities in Nicaragua were numerous, as are the many people on whom she has left an indelible mark.
In these difficult times of her departure, I wish to express to your beloved family and all members of WNP, my deepest sympathies.

I do not think it is true what happened to Sherin, although I do not think that a woman has left us so talented, I was very impressed by his departure, every day of my life I am going to remember when she went for me to the airport with a coat and a scarf for me because this was my first trip to Stevens Point and I did not know there was very cold, so she was always attentive to the large and small details.

I trust she is with our Lord Jesus Christ because she is worthy of being with Him

Fredman Perez and family

My heart is heavy with loss and sadness for Sherin’s family and all who loved her. She took me with her to Nicaragua where I offered an art workshop for the V.O.I.C.E. program. Those twelve days with Sherin were amazing. Her constant energy and love of Nicaragua kept me in awe the 12 days we were together. I am so grateful to have known her. Everyday I will keep her in my heart and try pass on the many gifts she gave to me.

Judy Brodjeski, Wausau. WI

I had the pleasure of spending time with Sherin and Amy at the Ouro Preto, Brazil, Partners convention in 2007. What a marvelous woman and family! I share with Sherin, Amy and the rest of the Bowen clan a familial Partners connection, since I am involved in Massachusetts as a volunteer and my son Matt is on staff in the International Office in D.C. I feel that shared connection through Partners’ work in addition to family bonds as a very powerful and inspiring one in life, and I know it will help keep Sherin’s presence with you and with all of us as we move forward.

Amy, Bob, and families, Very saddened to hear of Sherin’s death. A very talented, robust, charismatic leader who accomplished so much in her many careers. She has left her legacy with the WI/Nicaragua Partners and has chosen a very capable person, her daughter Amy, to continue her good work. Jerry and I will keep all of you in our thoughts. We commend the family for the consideration of organ transplants–at least three people will have renewed life thanks to that generous decision.

To Bob and your family, my condolences, and I guess shock that this happened. Knowing that Sherin was doing what she loved, her amazing committment, I hope is comforting to you all. I remember when she started this quest and had nothing but an intense drive and desire to make a difference. And she made it work. She was amazing.

Dear Amy, Bob and Family, I am so very sad. The loss of Sherin is beyond comprehension. Please know that you are in my heart
prayers and thoughts with much love. Feel God’s love and arms wrapped tightly around you. Patsy

Aloha Sherin, With a hug and a smile our friendship began. I never imagined the journey that you would take me on. I learned of your compassion, love and free spirit in a beautiful land Nicaragua. I learned the greatness of its culture and met its beautiful people.
A ride to the Masaya Volcano where Moises and me climbed to the cross. Looking into the volcan I saw the power and grandeur of God. Looking into the distance a beautiful valley that became one with the horizon. Thanks to you Sherin a part of my heart lives in Nicaragua. In our room we talked about the angles that walk among us. We both believe in angels. I didn’t realize that I was blessed with one as a friend. Sherin as you soar with the Angels please remember me. You are forever in my heart, thoughts and prayers

Aloha Sherin


In 1938 God gave us a love, and provided us with a light to turn from darkness into the lives of many people and Sherin was born. From that moment forward Sherin was destined to touch every one on her path. Then she met Bob Bowen and it could not have been a better pair and they gave us shinning stars by their wonderful children.
Her touch created love, and her tireless hard work gave so many people in Wisconsin and Nicaragua blessings, determination to build a better future. It was over 40 years ago that Sherin, almost all by herself and the the support of her wonderful husband, Bob and the continuation suppor of their family, “The Bowens,” that Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners of the Americas was born.
Sherin never looked back since, and never gave up on her fight to make it a better world for those who needed the most. Even on her death she opted to give others the chance to live by donating her organs.
As The Statute of Liberty’s poem “A mighty woman with a torch,” Sherin will stand tall and will never and shall never be forgotten. And just as the silent lips of the Stature of Liberty, Sherin’s legacy will live on and shed would always be saying “Give me your tired, your poor.”
Now that she is gone and Im sure in a better place, she will be looking out for us from heaven, and it is our turn now to continue living her legacy and we must be determined to tirelessly, work for the support of The Bowens and WNP for many many years to come.
Love to all of you.
Wisconsin/Partners of the Americas
Omar Barberena, VP

My deepest sympathies go out to all of the Bowen family. Sherin was an amazing person and an example to all of us on how to live life right, deeply and with great compassion. To Bobby, Rosie and Javier especially; I’ll be thinking about you. Sincerely, Pam

I heard this in church just yesterday. It reminds me of Sherin, with her huge capacity to keep her heart open. It will help me heal. From this deep loss, my heart will grow bigger.

“You know, what are hearts for? Hearts are there to be broken, and I say that because that seems to be just part of what happens with hearts. I mean, mine has been broken so many times that I have lost count. But it just seems to be broken open more and more and more, and it just gets bigger. I remember saying to my therapist, ‘You know, my heart by now feels open like a suitcase. It feels like it has just sort of dropped open, you know, like how a big suitcase just falls open.’ It feels like that.” –Alice Walker

My deepest blessings go to Sherin’s grandchildren, including my children Rosy and Javier, who were given so much by Sherin. I will support their carrying their grandma’s spirit forward.

Dear Bowen Family,

I just finished reading the family updates of your past week. You all will continue to be in my prayers. Thank you for sharing this last week in written form. Difficult as it was, your words conveyed so clearly the person Sherin was and will continue to be in your hearts and your memories. She touched many lives. May you feel God’s presence in the coming days and may you be held up by those who love you.
Sincerely, Steve (Nancy’s cousin) and Krista Blomberg

to whom it may concern,
my name is don lingl. i met sherin 3 years ago in san juan del norte looking at some potty. i could tell right off she was a cheese head, as so am i. i asked her what she was doing in nicaragua. she explained her involvment with w/np and the problem they were having getting some supplies released from the airport. i then introduced her to my nicaraguan wife, isabel moraga. it is my understanding they became close friends, and isabel now works with w/np because of sherin’s encouragment.
i’m sorry for your great lose. if there is anything i can do, please feel free to ask.
don lingl

I will never forget the wonderful knitting sessions at Martha’s with Sherin and all of our crafty friends, sharing our hopes and dreams as well as the work on our needles. She was an amazing and beautiful soul, and will be sorely missed.

When I worked with Partners of the Americas I had numerous opportunities to see Sherin in action. As a staff we would use Sherin’s involvement with the partnership as the …gold standard of volunteerism. “Wish I had a Sherin in my partnership” you would often hear said in the hallways. She demonstrated a commitment and dedication unmatched by many. She seemed to have more energy, more resourcefulness, more perseverance, more than 24 hours each day…and on and on. She was a force to be dealt with. Her absence will be greatly felt in many places, by many people. Kate Raftery

A toda la familia de Sherin y todos los que la llevamos dentro de nuestro corazòn, quiero expresarles que Sherin vive y seguirà viviendo en cada uno de nuestros corazones. Si hay un ser que vino a realizar las obras que Cristo nos ha encomendado hacer a cada uno, esa persona se llama Sherin y estoy segura que resucitarà par vida eterna. Ella no ha muerto, duerme y le veremos muy pronto. Debemos seguir su ejemplo.

To Sherin’s whole family and all who carry her within our hearts, I would say that Sherin lives and will live in each of our hearts. If there is one who came to carry out the work that Christ has entrusted each of us to do, that person is named Sherin and I am sure that she will resurrect to life eternal. She is not dead, she only sleeps and you will see her very soon. We should follow her example.

Dra. Gloria Toruño

On behalf of the Cultural Staff here at the U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua, I wanted to tell you how deeply sorry we are for your great loss. Though I never had the privilege of meeting Sherin in person, I visited her at the hospital here in Nicaragua and was moved by the out-pouring of love and support that surrounded her…and still does. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


To the Bowen Family…
Just a quick note to let you know that mom and I have you in our thoughts and prayers. Good memories of visiting the Bowen farm, biking and x-c skiing with Bobby Bowen. We will continue to have good thoughts of your mother. She was an extraordinary person full of adventure and good will.

I am very sad to learn of Sharin’s death. I have been twice to Los Cedros and other places where her work transformed individual lives and entire communities. She will be greatly missed. My sincere sympathy to her family and freinds.

Mary Ellen Bell,
Madison chapter,WNP

Bob, Amy, and family,
How truly saddened I am to her of your loss. Long before Sherin’s passion and dedication shown with the Wisconsin/Nicauraga Partners, she was a wonderful role model to many of us “young 4-H’er’s” and neighbors. I will never forget the Casimir Boosters Halloween parties and haunted barns at your house, shearing sheep, her wonderful art, macrame, and frame shop, and the many horse rides! Oh, how I do miss Cleo, Gypsy, and Daisy too! She was a compassionate and caring lady who was always willing to share of and devote her time to many. She will be fondly remembered by all!

Aunt Sherin and Uncle Bob visited us last in early 2003. We were having a memorial for our mother who had disappeared in 1993. They brought Uncle Lester with them and stayed overnight. Aunt Sherin wanted a rock from our place to be placed in their fireplace in the cabin on the lake. We had some special rocks that we had brought from our previous home in the “wilderness” some 40 miles north of where we live now. Aunt Sherin took one of those rocks. She wanted to remember family and friends by those rocks she got from different ones. I know she was working on family history and we were anxious to see what all she had collected. She will surely be missed by all of us. To Uncle Bob, Bob, Brian, Beth and Amy “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make His face shine upon thee,and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.”

Our prayers and tears are with your family. Susan (Gingrasso) and I are leaving shortly on a 7 week trip to the southwest US and will miss any local celebrations of Sherin’s life, but we will be there in spirit. Bob and Sherin’s work with the Nicaraguan project has served as a model for Susan’s and my involvement with the Thailand Project. One candle has lit many others, and the world is brighter because Sherin shared it with us. May you all be at peace with God, as Sherin surely is now. Doug and Susan

My prayer and thoughts are with you all. May God have her rest in Peace.

I lost my mother 1 year and 22 months ago and reading this blog it brought me back to her memories (lost of tears). I know how difficult it’s but God gives us strengh to acept something we all have to go throught. Whenever you think of Sherin just think of the good and beautiful times you shared with her.
God Bless you all.

I used to work at Partners of the Americas.

Bob and Family,

Sherin was an amazing woman who was forever giving, strong, and will truly be missed. I am saddened by this tragic loss, but will never forget her and the memories that I have from the 1987 England Semester Abroad. I remember that she had her nose pierced in London as a dare from Bob, who didn’t think she would actually do it. She was gutsy and brave and true to herself that trip as I imagine she was always.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Melissa Potocki and family

the world has lost a very special lady, and I have lost A special aunt , I feel your loss, please say hi to GRAMMA for me she is also special to me as well, as you can see my middle name is HERMAN which i am very proud of. I will be thinking of all of you, take care.

I am devastated by the news of Sherin’s passing. You are in my prayers and thoughts during this time. Sherin’s laughter and smiling face is all that I can see and I am happy to have been given the gift of her friendship and inspiration.
Sincerely, Jasia

During the 3+ years I worked with Partners of the Americas in Washington, I always regarded Wisconsin/Nicaragua as the best example of what true partnership should be. There is no doubt that Sherin was the life and inspiration of this partnership. I had the chance to travel to Wisconsin and see it in action, through her family, the volunteers, the Nicaraguans who were visiting at the time…
Sherin left for all who met her or knew of her, an example of dedication and true friendship that crosses any frontier, any language or race. I send my deepest condolences to all her friends and family, specially to Amy and her family who I had the pleasure to get to know during those years. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Sherin was a wonderful woman and an inspiration to many. She will truly be missed.

Dear Wisconsin Partners

As your staff officer at the national Partners organization for 19 years (1970-1989) I was very aware of the fine work done by Sherin for the Wisconsin-Nicaragua partnership, which was always one of the most dynamic and active of all the partnerships in the Partners program.

I want to extend my sympathies to Sherin’s family and to your fine organization. Your excellent projects continue to be testimony to her hard work.

E. David Luria
Washington DC
former Sr. Associate Director, Partners of the Americas

This is my message to Bob Bowen and the family of Sherin and Bob. Although I never had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Sherin I know about their work on behalf of others who desperately needed caring friends. The team of Bob and Sharon more than fulfilled that role.

Bob is a friend and colleague that I am honored to work with in Civil Air Patrol. Also an agency that is concerned with bringing aid and comfort to people in distress. It seems to be a family trait. I am profoundly saddened by your loss, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sumner Scott

Dear Bob, Amy, and Family,
I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Sherin’s passing. Sherin was an inspiration to many through her compassion and dedication to WNP. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Racquel, Noah, Nya & Bode Calhoun

I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of Sherin and my prayers are with all of you,

Susan Hamilton

Dear Bob and Family, Absolutely shocked to receive news of Sherins death. Claudia and I will be joining you in prayer and thoughts. Though we never met Sherin we know she was always working to help others less fortunate and that she will be sorely missed by a very large section of community in two countries. Of course she will be missed even more by yourself, so our prayers go to you Bob and family. May she Rest in Peace. Claudia and Frank O’Connor Newfoundland

Sherin was a good and generous woman who made a difference in the lives of thousands of people in the United States and in Nicaragua. I know of no higher compliment. We — I — will miss her.

Dear friends,
My heart is heavy with sharing your burden. What an emotional roller coaster you have had.
I did not get a chance to know Sherin, but feel blessed to hear a little of her story and the lives she touched. Please know that your family will be in our prayers as you continue through this very difficult time of saying goodbye.
Mary Norwood & family
Jeremiah 29:11

Words cannot express our disbelief and sorrow about our cousin’s passing. The family reunion just will not be the same this coming summer…..We are now missing two of the Cherry Bounce/pit spitting members. Peace be with you all.

May God’s blessings be upon all of you as you say goodbye to this wonderful woman. I remember knowing her and working with her for several years on the university campus.

Keep your precious memories of her close to your hearts and remember she will be with you always.

Jane and Chris Giese and family

Buenos dias familia Bowen,

mi nombre es Diana y quiero q sepan q estare eternamente agradecida con sherin, por haber querido con sinceridad a mi familia, quiero desearles eternas bendiciones y fuerzas en este momento tan dificil para ustedes.

my name is Diana and I know that I will be eternally grateful to Sherin, sincerely loved by my family, I wish you eternal blessings and strength in this very difficult time for you.

La muerte es solo el comienzo de una nueva etapa en la q nos encontraremos con el Creador el cual nos hara sentir paz en su compañia, tengan la seguridad q Sherin siempre estara presente en nuestros corazones y por eso ella siempre vivirá.

Death is only the beginning of a new stage in that we find the Creator that we will feel peace in his company. Rest assured that Sherin always be present in our hearts and that’s why she will always live.

Con mucho cariño.

Diana Vanessa

My heart is full with appreciation for my friend Sherin and all she has offered to me and with me to our beloved Nicaragua. I had the incredible and coincidental ?? opportunity to spend a part of her final weekend in Mangua with her at the Las Mercedes. I invited her to come back to San Juan del Sur with me for a rest until it was time to go back to WI, and oh how I wish she had said yes, but as always duty came first. She will be so sorely missed by so many. After the week on prayer and hopes for her recovery, the news of her passing came to us here in San Juan del Sur. My Bombero volunteer friend Thomas Dempsey shouldered the shock with me and sent me the following Irish Prayer. I share it here in the hope that it can bring some small measure of comfort to all: Jane Mirandette

An old prayer.
Death is nothing at all.
It does not count.
I have only slipped away into the next room.
Everything remains as it was.
The old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged.
Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.
Call me by the old familiar name.
Speak of me in the easy way which you always used.
Put no sorrow in your tone.
Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was.
Let it be spoken without effort
Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was.
There is unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner.
All is well. Nothing is hurt; nothing is lost.
One brief moment and all will be as it was before.
How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting, when we meet again

To all the Bowen Family, who are connected to me by way of my sister, Nancy,
My heart goes out to you in this time of great loss on this earth. Having gone through the painful ordeal of losing my own Mom, I can feel in a small way your loss. It is an overwhelming feeling, but with God’s great comfort and His grace and mercy, we can have His Blessed Hope of the everlasting Arms! We grieve, but not as those who have no hope! Sherin is living in that glorious realm waiting for you all to join her!
Love to you,
Jennifer and Russell Sarkkinen

Dear Bob and family
I was indeed shocked and saddened by these events. There were few people I had ever met more alive than Sherin. Ever since I had started being active in Partners of America, I always regarded as the best there was to be and she served as a model of what could be accomplished. She will be missed, I am sure by all who have met her and I am sure by many people in Nicaragua, whose lives have been changed by Sherin and yourselves.

I carry in my mind a picture of her knitting on a bus at one of our Partner conventions as we talked enthusiastically of what was to be. There are a small handful of people I look forward to meeting at our conventions and Sherin was surely one of these.

I know that she will live on in your hearts and mine and be fulfilled in your own futures.

Peace be with you.

To Bob and the family’
Anne and I were shocked and saddened to here the news of Sherin’s passing. We were so looking forward to the Peterson Reunion this summer to see everyone including Sherin. She has always kindly shared the cabin and her family time with us during these gettogethers. We reflect on these times with warmth. While we reflected on her life, we note that her death occurred in the activity that she seemed to treasure the most. Bob and Anne Pennington

In these difficult moments, may God carry through this path of suffering caused by the separation of such important part of yourselves. As God help you on this, we pray that you find comfort on the blessings that having Sherin around you meant in your lives.

May our Merciful Lord be with you,

Bob and Family,

I am sorry to here about the loss of Sherin. Our prays go out to you and your family..

She was a special lady and will be deeply missed.

Scott and Donna Thomas, Jacksonville, Fl

It wasn’t until today after church that I found strength to express my feelings about this sad loss. I felt connected with Sherin in my thoughts today and I told her how much she meant to me, how much I will miss her wisdoms and encouragement. I have only great memories about Sherin that I will treasure for ever. Nothing will take away the great woman, human being and mother I found in her. She shared all her love for life with every single person she met and brought happiness in to our hearts.
Knowing Sherin, I am sure she is already hands on helping God to make us stronger and learn how to go thru the hilling of her not being with us today.
Sherin was, is and will be loved for ever. I will miss her so much.


Bob y familia: Sherin va a ocupar siempre un lugar especial en mi recuerdo. Ella siempre fue un ejemplo de entrega, trabajo y sacrificio . Tuve el privilegio de conocerla , estar en vuestro hogar y ella en el mío. Viajamos juntas, trabajamos juntas en algunos proyectos y siempre me demostró su amabilidad , amistad y camaradería.

Bob and family: Sherin will always occupy a special place in my memory. She was always such a gift, work and sacrifice. I had the privilege of knowing her, being in your home and she in mine. We travel together, working together on some projects and she always showed me kindness, friendship and camaraderie.

Sherin hizo mucho por la gente de mi pueblo y en nombre de éste y el mío propio quiero dar mi más sentido pésame a ustedes , su apreciable familia y al resto de amigos que como yo hoy sentimos su partida.

Sherin did much for the people of my village and on their behalf and my own I give my deepest condolences to you, your family and significant other as friends as I now feel her departure.

Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Dear Uncle Bob and Bowen family,

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to you and your family. To hear of such an unexpected and tragic loss of your wife and mother, saddens our hearts beyond what words could express.

As I read the entire section of entries that transpired during this time, and looked over all the pictures that have been posted of Aunt Sherin…..I can only imagine the sadness in your hearts. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures to post, but a couple memories of her and a recent visit to our home. One thing that stands out in my mind was a short, but very meaningful conversation that she and I held after Baba’s (Loretta) funeral. Aunt Sherin actually came to me and thanked me personally for allowing my children to attend the funeral. She went on to explain to me how she felt it was very important for them to be there and how alot of parents of young children do not bring them to funerals. I also think she looked at me, holding my newly born son, Connor Aiden, who was only 1 week old at the time, and knew that I wanted them to be there…..I wanted them to be there because they loved her.

Among a few other conversations that Aunt Sherin and I held over the course of those few days, I seen in her as person that I admired, greatly. A very nice and respectable woman who’s family meant the world to her. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her, even people like me who didn’t know her well at all, but who have certain memories that stand out concerning her.

Surely, you will all be in our prayers for the weeks, and months ahead of you. God is the only one that can begin to heal a hurt so deep, and a loss so great. Matthew 5:4.

With deepest sympathy,

Kellie Yeagly and Roy Yeagley and family

Dear Bowens,

Our deepest sympathy to each of you in your sudden, staggering loss of Sherin. May the Lord of all comfort fill your hearts as you lean on Him for strength and hope. Sherin would be so pleased to see the way you all worked together in love for her best. You will be in my prayers. In Him, Tina

Dear Wiza/Bowen family:

My heart and prayers go out to you as you deal with the tremendous loss of wife, mother, aunt and friend to so many, Sherin Bowen. I have no pictures to share because I had just met Sherin and Amy at the Partners International Convention in Ouro Preto, Brazil, in November 2007, and all of the pictures and times working and celebrating Partners accomplishments were yet to come. In just that brief first time, it was so apparent what a caring and dynamic force Sherin was. She had hardly arrived and was already meeting after the first dinner with Partners officers and the incoming President, Steve Vetter, urging actions and plans for the future. I got a glimpse of her contribution to the Wisconsin-Nicaragua Partnership in the presentaton about it at the New Leaders Training and in the conversation with her and with Amy at the Convention, but I had the impression that Sherin was never focused on getting the credit but was always focused on getting the results— helping make things better for others. And, she did it with such enjoyment and zeal.

Truly, Sherin was a remarkable woman, a force for good and a role model for caring for our fellow human beings. The story on the website doesn’t explain what she was exploring at the time of the accident, but it is easy to know that it must have been for new space and for new projects, her energy and optimism always active. At such a tragic moment, there is sorrow that no heart can be prepared for, but I will hold you in my thougths and prayers as will many others, for the peace and comfort you deserve.

Jhani Laupus, Indiana Partners of the Americas

Dear Bob and family: I was deeply saddened to hear of Sherin’s death. Such a vital women and now such a rent in the WNP program. She was the one to set the bar high and asked us to reach that level as we carried out the Eyeglass Missions these past years. . My sympathy on your loss.
Sherin even gives at her death with organ donations. Thanks be to God for her servanthood. Doug England P.S. As my wife and I are in Florida for two months we will be unable to attend the Memorial Service but a memorium will be sent to WNP.

It is hard to imagine a more dedicated Partner volunteer than Sherin. During my short, privileged time as the WI/Nicaragua partnership rep, I learned first hand how she set the standard for finding whatever resource available for solving problems. She challenged everyone around her to do the same, and by example elevated the impact and importance of volunteerism across the Americas. Clearly she found untold meaning as a volunteer. Our world would do well to folow her example. My heartfelt condolences go out to Bob, Amy and the entire family.

Rich Lamporte

Bob and family, you are in my thoughts now just as Sherin is in so many terrific memories dating back to our 87 semester in England. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

I met Sharin in one of the meetings at Stevens point. I grew up in Nicaragua. Moved from there when I was 18 years old. I have been living in Wisconsin 30 years. I was really blessed to hear Sherin speak so highly about my country and its people. She loved Nicaragua with all her heart.
She was a woman of service. She is welcomed by God with open arms. She was a good and faithful servant. Even though I only met her briefly, she touched my life. I am sure she will be praying for all of us who seek to continue the mission of bringing love, health and happiness to the Nicaraguan people. She is to be an example to all of us that life on this earth without serving others is not really living. May she now enjoy eternal life with God .

Dear Bob and Amy and family,
You’ve been in our thoughts and prayers constantly since we heard of Sherin’s accident, and we are so sorry for your loss. We feel privileged to have worked and travelled with Sherin and our companeros in Nicaragua and Wisconsin. She has made the world a better place and helped build a great organization (of which you are no small part) to carry on this important work. Please let us know if we can help with some food or anything.
Dan, Tina, Sarah, and Erin Sivek

To the Bowen family, my deepest sympathy to everyone. I didn’t know Sherin, but I do know Bob
and the kind, caring person he is. I’m so sorry for your loss.

God Speed


Dear Bob,

As Amy may have told you, I’ve been following Sherin’s condition closely over the last week, hoping and praying for a miracle. I am so deeply sorry for your loss as is all of our staff and board.

I have worked with a wide range of volunteers over the past 35 years–Peace Corps, Americorps, Vista, Service Corps and many others–and never have I ever met anyone like the Bowen Family. Your contributions are simply unlike anything I have ever seen and serve as an inspiration to all of us. As a husband-wife team, and as a mother-daughter team, Sherin set the Gold Standard for what all of us could aspire to do to make this a better world. That we lost her doing another of her generous acts of service is bitter-sweet for all of us.

I would be honored to represent our board and staff at any memorial service or funeral. Once your plans are confirmed please let me know.

I had just shared with Sherin and the rest of your Chapter one of my favorite poems that captured the spirit of Sherin’s dedication. It was from that Robert Frost poem, Two Tramps in Mud Time that went something like this: Only when love and need are one….is the deed ever done….for heaven and future’s sake.” I suspect that Frost captured better than anyone else the underlying motivation for so much of Sherin’s work. She was all about Heaven and Future’s Sake.

Much love to you and your family,


Deseo que sus corazones tenga paz y consuelo que tento, que tanto nesecitan.
los quiero mucho.

I hope that your hearts have the peace and comfort that is so needed right now. I love you all very much.

Un Pensamiento

La amistad es uno de los regalos de la vida,
y en ti encuentro una de las buenas.
Nos une el nexo que hemos compartido
durante los años desde que nos conocimos.
Cada año transcurrido, nos ha acercado más.
Nos hemos querido en momentos de enfermedad,
de desconsuelo, y de tantas cosas más.
Juntos celebramos nuestra juventud.
Contigo, aprendí a reírme de mí.
Has llenado mi corazón y mi mente
con recuerdos para toda una vida.
Mi afecto por ti ya no cabe en una amistad;
eres parte de mi familia.
Que el futuro nos traiga la alegría del éxito
y una eterna amistad que nos une
en los momentos difíciles que el destino nos depare.

Friendship is a gift of life,
and you encounter one of the best.
We have shared the link that binds us
during the years since we met.
Each year, we have been closer.
We loved at times of illness,
of distress, and so much more.
Together we celebrate our youth.
With you, I learned to laugh at myself.
You fill my heart and mind
with memories for a lifetime.
My affection for you can not be only a friendship;
you’re part of my family.
That the future will bring the joy of success
and an everlasting friendship that unites us
in the difficult times when our fate comes.

Tú y yo siempre estaremos juntas,

Y nuestras familias unidas por nuestra amistad

Amiga y hermana mía.

You and I are always together,

And our families united by our friendship

My friend and sister.

Con Amor y cariño

Karla Núñez Guerrero

Bob and family,
We are deeply saddened to hear of Sherin’s passing. What a great loss to you and so many other people whose
lives she touched. Sherin was proof that one person can make a difference in helping others. She seemed to spread that to so many others.
Wishing you comfort, peace and hope in her unexpected loss. May the quiet places of your heart be filled with memories of Sherin’s love. Our heartfelt sympathy to you all.

Fondly, Neil and Jaci

Althought it’s been over 20 years since I’ve last visited Sherin, I have never forgotten her wisdom and how she influenced my life on and after the trip to London. I am devastated to hear about our loss and frustrated, as I planned to visit with Sherin and Bob this summer upon a trip to Wisconsin. I wish the very best to the family and am glad to hear that Sherin lives on in others’. I know she is joyful to know that she can help others in such a powerful way. Love you Sherin and Bob. :)

How lucky can an organization of people-to -people be to have had Sherin as its mentor and visionary leader? Long before President Obama’s campaign slogan “Yes We Can” became the mantra in the 21st century, Sherin believed “we could” in the 90’s. She never gave up in the “search for excellence ” ( A Partners of the Americas policy designed to strengthen member chapters organizationally and programmatically) . Believing that people can make a difference across cultures is contagious and we all caught that passion from her. I never imagined that there would be a time when I wouldn’t see her, talk to her, cry with her, learn from her, vent frustrations and share our hopes and dreams. I feel blessed that she was my friend and colleague. Thank you Bob, Amy, Beth, Bryan and Bobby for sharing her with me and my family and with us the Partners family. Sherin made sure we all got “hooked” on W/NP so may we take comfort knowing that she lives on in us.

We will miss our wonderful Sherin. Ronda always said that she felt that Sherin was like a second mother to her. We’re sure many others can say the same thing. When ever we think of Sherin, we see her sitting in a rocking chair somewhere in Nicaragua, with knitting needles in hand, surrounded by many friends, all telling wonderful jokes or serious stories about WNP work in Nicaragua. We will miss her so very much. Sherin’s passion for helping others will always be an inspiration to us. We extend our deepest sympathy to Bob and family.

Sherin was a blessing to all those who were touched by her vision for a better world. It saddened me to hear of her passing. I wish strength to her family and hopes that her dreams, which remain with us will be continued as she would have wished.

Bob & Family
Thank you for what you have done for all of us, by keeping us informed on the events of the past week. Thank you also for sharing Sherin with us, she will live on in each of you and in all the people she has touched through her strength and grace. Please know that our prayers are with all of you. Please let us know if we can help in anyway, may God keep you all enfolded in his loving arms.

With deepest sympathy
Barb & Kurt Johnson

We are devastated to hear of the loss of Sherin. She was an amazing woman, compasionate, enthusiastic, and able to accomplish whatever she set out to do. We will miss her very much. Our thoughts are with Bob and their family.

“God has many ways of reminding us
that the beautiful spirits who have touched our lives
soar higher and farther than we would ever imagine,
all the way to perfect peace and freedom with Him.”

Thank you Amy and Bowen Family for sharing an intensely close and deep experience with all of us. Like so many others, I came to know Sherin through the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners, and came to see her as a model of selfless love and concern for others, delicate sensitivity in intercultural exchanges, and marvelous wisdom. I will miss her for all of that – and also as a friend. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you.

“May time soften the pain
until all that remains
is the beauty of the memories…
and the love,
always the love.”

For several years I have seen Sherin come to Nicaragua to share her love, friendship and work. Her dedication was to be admired. We are all very sorry for your loss. Such a great person leaves a big empty space on all. She will be remembered for her generosity. We are proud to have had the opportunity of meeting her, she now is at a better place were we hope we can share with her someday. Our prayers will accompany you.

When someone we loves dies, may we after our weeping, discover that what we seem to have lost has been taken into your safekeeping to be preserved forever in a better state. When we learn to let go, help us to cherish the memories of all that was good and lasting in the one who has died. Prayer is from the Lakota Prayer Book by the Rev.Charles Flood, SCJ. …………

love and prayers to the family from our family in PA/NC, Susan, Anna, Roy, Joe – 3.22.2009 (3:40pm)

Uncle Bob and cousins, Anna called me while I was in church and I spoke to her after the church luncheon. I am heartbroken right along with you, she was my strength during my mother’s passing. I am lost for words and wish I could be there for you as she was for me. My prayers are with you.

I will trust and not be afraid, for the Lord is my strength and song; He is my salvation. Oh, the joy of drinking deeply from the Fountain of Salvation! Isaiah 12:2,3

To Grandma

Nothing is more beautiful
than a soul driven with purpose,
no life better spent than one selfless;
One’s days given days gifted away.
If She, the one who has shone this,
is not to be given back,
then I give myself.
For all She has believed in, lived for; even died for
shall not be in vain.
I follow in Her footsteps,
for she followed One who is Greater.
And as she has offered Her life;
so I mine
-Until the day He grant us each others arms.
Then I will see what cannot be now,
but now know,
not in vain but in beauty.

love, a granddaughter

To Sherin’s Family: Today is Sunday, I requested a special prayer in St. Paul’s this morning for the family. If you need any help, I am available to come or if I can prepare some food, just contact me.
My thoughts are with all of you and also Sherin’s family too.

Love, Lila

Lamento mucho la forma en que conoci a su querida madre y la situacion tan dificil de toda la familia ante la perdida fisica de Sherin, mujer extraordinaria dedicada a las causas nobles y de un gran corazon, de esa manera es que me hubiese gustado conocerla, pero no fue asi, de todas maneras es satisfactorio haberle brindado mis conocimientos y apoyo como medico en la lucha por preservarle la vida.

I very much regret the way I had to meet your beloved mother and the difficult situation of the whole family with the physical loss of Sherin, a woman dedicated to the noble cause and of a great heart, I would have liked to know her, but it was not to be, anyway it is good to have provided my knowledge and medical support in the struggle to preserve life.

Les reitero mis condolencias y solidaridad a toda la familia, que Dios les de fortaleza ante el vacio de que deja Sherin en su familia , amigos en USA y Nicaragua que tanto amo.

I reiterate my condolences and sympathy to the family, and the God of strength in the face of the void left by Sherin in your family, friends in the U.S. and Nicaragua who love both.

Dr. Enrique Vega

Words are inadequate to express our sadness and disbelief at Sherin’s passing. She was so vigorous, generous, and strong; it’s hard to believe she’s no longer with us. Sherin made our world a better place and positively influenced the lives of so many people. We will miss her and extend our condolences to all her wonderful family and her many friends and colleagues at this time of intense sorrow and loss.
CathyEckberg and Jim Butler

I wish to touch base and comment more later when my eyes clear so I can see. I know I must be strong, it is just that Aunt Sherin was with me at my mom’s side when my mother passed. She was my strength and I feel the strength of her family. This is a great loss even though I firmly believe ‘God’s Will be Done’. I wish I could be there as she was for me, I can not though my prayers are with you now. My heart is heavy I must go for now.

Amy and family,
Words cannot express the sorrow I feel for you at this time. My heart just breaks for you, and my prayers are with you.

me sorprendio el darme cuenta de la perdida de Sherin, aunque no la conoci tan a fondo como me hubiera gustado, me entristece que una persona tan entusiasta por ayudar a sus semejantes nos alla dejado,, sin duda es una gran perdida para todos los que la conocimos y somos concientes de su labor,, Que Dios nos brinde fuerzas para superar este momento tan dificil, …” surely goodness and love will follow me all days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever” (Psalm 23 , 6)

Octavio Roca
Youth Ambassador Nicaragua 2007

Dear Bob and Family, Please know that my prayers are with you all in this most difficult time. What a sad loss, but what a wonderful life to celebrate! Of course, I remember Sherin first when she worked for me at Health and Human Services in the mid-late 80’s. Then, as now, she was a unique woman with a big heart and a passion to make a difference. She found her path with the Partners program and created such an inspiring legacy . I hope you will rest in peace with the gift her life was to us all. Love, Lauri and Scott

We are so sorry for your loss. We send you our love and prayers. In my memories, Sherin will always be that smiling, young blond gal in the High School Year Book.

Jim and Pat (Retterath) Schaff

The prayers of our Racine Dominican are the family of Sherin Bowen. May God bring your comfort in your great loss.
Her legacy will live on for a long time.
Sr. Brenda

To The Dear Family of Sherin Bowen

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Sherin. My heart and prayers go out to all of you who will keep those wonderful warm memories alive. Her warm and caring spirit will live in the minds of those of us who knew of her kind deeds with Partners of the Americas. I had the privilege of last speaking with Sherin in Ouro Preto at the Convention. Her warm and gentle advice was always on target. You will continue to be in my prayers. May God’s love sustain you through these difficult time. Sincerely, Patricia Hill Williams

Dear Amy and family,

I’m so sad to hear about Sherin’s accident. It was a privilege to meet and work with her in Managua last November. I’m a newcomer to WNP and she made me feel welcome and useful. She’s going to be greatly, greatly missed.


Our Dear Bob and Family
Our hearts are broken at the tragic news of the loss of Sharin. It just doesn’t seem possible. The only peace we can have about this is that we know she is in the arms of Jesus and safe from all suffering and pain. We pray for God’s comforting arms to hold you through this sad time. You know that you are in my prayers. God’s peace and our love.

Your cousin, Bernadine (Moore) Fuller and Don

Words cannot express our feelings. Our sincerest condolences to Sherin’s family. We have lost a spouse, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, neighbor, friend, leader, organizer, and compasionate humanitarian. Who could ever replace our Sherin? But we have had the grace to know her, to have worked with her, and to have been loved and been loved by her–and that is quite a privilege. Please know that we are available to assist in any way during this dificut time. Know that your support system is vast and we will all help each other in this trying time.

I can find no words to express the shock I feel from this news and the sorrow I feel for your family. May God bless and provide comfort while you deal with Sherin’s passing.

Jeff T.

Dear Loved ones of Sherin,
On behalf of the board and staff of Self-Help International, I want to convey our sincere condolences at the sudden and tragic loss of Sherin. She was always so supportive of Self-Help. Dale Harpstead and I shared Sunday and Monday Breakfasts with her at the hotel last week. We had all sorts of ideas of things to do next! And, it was heartbreaking to see Bob and Beth come through customs Tuesday night, and could only imagine what they were thinking. And, Tom and Moises were vigilant throughout!

We would like you to know that we will give a gift to Self-Help International in memory of Sherin. The work to alleviate hunger by helping people help themselves in Nicaragua continues.

May God comfort you during these times.

Very sincerely,
Merry Fredrick
Executive Director
Self-Help International

I have known and admired Sherin for many years through Partners. She will certainly live on through her work with Nicaragua and Wisconsin. She gave so much and now we give her back to God and the universe. She couldn’t leave a better legacy than you, her family. God bless and care for you always.

Paula Laschober
President, Washington/Chile Partners
Member, Interamerican Board, Partners of the Americas

Amy y Familia

Estamos con ustedes. Es una perdida terrible pues Sherin era una mujer muy entusiasta. Si bien no pude conocerla a fondo su muerte me ha causado un gran impacto. Que el Senor les acompane en este dificil momento y les de fortaleza para sobrellevar el dolor.

Sergio Arguello
Jovenes Embajadores Nicaragua 2007

A terribly loss for all of us who knew her.

May the Lord comfort Sherin’s family in this difficult time


Good evening. I am so sorry to learn of your mom. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers during this hard time. Your mom left a huge legacy with the thousands of people she helped over her lifetime. It was a privilege and joy to have known her. I come from a very close family and spending time with you, your sister, mom, children, and niece during the conference in January, I seen you do too. It was truly inspirational to see the passion your mom had with W/NP has been passed down to the next generations. That passion and love towards others is also part of the legacy your mom left.


Hola Amy.

Se que son momentos dificiles pero solo Dios Sabe por que suceden en nuestras vidas, Dios esta con cada uno de Ustedes en estos momentos, el los lleva en sus brazos, y el les ama mucho, por acà hemos estado en oraciòn por cada miembro de la familia de doña Sherin, por sus amigos que la hemos querido mucho y que estamos seguros que al volver Jesùs la veremos nuevamente.

These are hard times but only God knows why it happens in our lives, God is with each of you at this time, takes you in his arms, and loves you very much, we have been in prayer here for each member of doña Sherin’s family, for your friends that we loved very much and we are sure that Jesus will return again.

Nunca dejemos de orar por que solo asi tendremos la fortaleza ante la pèrdida de alguien que vivirà por siempre en nuestros corazones.

Never stop praying for that is the only way we will have the strength for the loss of someone that will live forever in our hearts.

Un abrazo.

Dra. Gloria Toruño

Dear Amy and family

I was quite saddened to hear of Sherin’s death I hope that you will accept my most sincere sympathy and condolence,she was such a well-liked person that it is difficult to accept that she is not here any longer, I know this is a difficult moment and I just can tell you that I’ll pray God’s comfort you and your family.Ask him strenght to support this because He is the only one that can help you in this moment, remember that even though you can not see her in body She will always be in your heart and in all the precious moments you spent with her all those memories will always be in your mind and heart, she will keep and see you from the heaven and one day you will be with her again, I am really sorry because I had the opportunity to know her and I could realize in the few moments I spent with her that she was a great person.

God bless you and all your family too.


Francis Vargas and family.

Sherin was one person in a million. Always ready with encouragement or a diet Coke. I will miss her. Amy, Beth and Bob as well as the rest of the family my heart goes out to you. Remember God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but shall have eternal life.

All the Bowens,
It is noon on Saturday, and we have just arrived in E. Lansing. Dale had the message of the death of Sherin. Words can not express how sorry we feel for your family nor can they express the deep feeling of loss that so many of us are experiencing. We expect to arrive back in Stevens Point on Monday to 23rd.

Mi muy querida Amy y Familia:
Como decia Sherin ! Siempre hay un tiempo para Amar y un tiempo para todo como dice en Ecclesiastes 3 ! .. ella siempre me decia eso en sus mensajes y tu siempre estuvistes en diferentes tiempos con ella, ahora ella esta en su tiempo de Paz junto al Redentor y siempre la tendremos en nuestros corazones Descanse en Paz

As Sherin said, there is always a time for love and a time for everything as it says in Ecclesiastes 3! .. she always told me that in her messages and you were always with her at different times, now she is at peace in her time with the Redeemer and will always Rest in Peace in our hearts.


Mrs Amy,

Los Miembros Nicaragua Wisconsin del Capitulo Ticuantepe – Esquipulas, les damos nuestro mas sentido pésame por la muerte de su mamá, Mrs Sherin Bowen, señora que dejó un vacío tan hondo en nuestros corazones como en nuestra comunidad que será imposible olvidarla, rogandole a Dios que su alma esté gozando de la paz del señor por sus buenas obras que hiso a favor de tanta gente necesitada, esperando que Dios conforte a su familia por esta gran pérdida.

Members of the Wisconsin Chapter Ticuantepe Nicaragua – Esquipulas, we offer our most heartfelt condolences on the death of your mother, Mrs Sherin Bowen, a woman who left such a deep void in our hearts and in our community that will be impossible to forget, requesting of God that her soul is enjoying the peace of the Lord by the good works she has done for many people in need, and we hope that God comforts your family in this great loss.

Ramon Barberena
Candida Barberena
Rev. Boanerges Carballo
Zobeida Gadea
Ileana Leiva
Mercedes Portocarrero
Maria E Fletes
Georgina Calderon
Vilma Canales
Erick Collado
Maritza Maltez
Ana Isabel Morales
Lesbia J Morales

Thank you to all of you, the family for keeping us aware of Sherin´s.

For the last two days, I have been anxiously looking at the web site page for good news. It is true this might not come as one to us, but it is for her because God has taken her to be on his side to prize her for such social meaningful work she did in Nicaragua. Though I met her for short time, I can witness and feel her true love she had for needed people. She really was preaching the gospel through her service. But her legacy will not ever end if all us follow the tracks she successfully marked.

Amy, Please count on my support I could give the organization or family. God will give all of you strength enough to stand your mom, grandma and wife´s loss.

Since she´s gone ahead, think of being as she was while living, to then meet her in heaven.
I´ll trully miss her much!

We are so sad to hear of Sharin’s accident and death. We do have you in our prayers. May the God of peace surround you all with His arms of love and comfort.

Bob and Family

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Scott,Lynn,and Amanda Woodford

hey I´m heydi from nicaragua and I just wanted to say to Amy and all her family that I really sorry I know that it must be really hard to loose somebody as special as Sherin Bowen
and amy I´m with you in good as in bad
my sincere love and prayers to you


Dear Bob and Family,

Chuck Swindoll says it best:

Imagine standing in heaven surrounded by all the people you have influenced for the sake of the gospel. Your dear sister or uncle or son. Your coworker or neighbor, the teenage you sat beside on the bus, or the many people who have come to Christ through the missionaries you supported. What a thrill indeed! The crown of exaltation is for all of us who share the good news of salvation with the many people who ebb and flow through our lives.

This side of heave we will never know the legacy that has been Sherin’s life. I cannot imagine the pure joy, the awe as she stands surrounded for eternity by those who have come to Christ through His love pouring out through her witness. May this same love comfort you during this loss…..and remind you of the humble words ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’.

In His love,


Hi I am Shawn Clair and I just want to say to Amy and her family that it is never easy to loose a loved one but it is in these times when we have to remain faithfull and know that our loved one is in a abetter place, with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
I had never met Sherrin but I ‘m sure she was a wonderful person and I hope and pray that her soul rests in the arms of our Lord from where she will look down on you and bless you and guide you.
My deppest sympathy to a Amy and family and all Sherin’s loved ones and friends who are grieving for her lost.
May God bless you and confort you in these diffcult times whic you are facing.
I will have you guys in my prayers and pray also for the eternal rest of our sister Sherrin.


Shawn Clair
YA 2008.

First of all, just let me say that I have no idea and cannot imagine what the family members must have been passing through that day when they got the news about Sherin’s accident and furthermore when she had to be taken to a hospital in Wisconsin, then leading to the part of life we all must come to someday:her death. My regards and most heartfealt condolences go out to Amy and her family while they are passing through these moments of sorrows and pain for the loss of their dearly and beloved loved one.
I hope deeply that you can put your trust in God because he is the only ne who will comfort you and guide you in these moments of sorrow and pain.
In the Holy Bible we find that the circle of life ends with death and although we wouldn’t want to lose our loved ones, in one time or another we must come to it, just remembering that this was her time and that now she will be in the loving arms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from there she will be guiding her loved ones and sending them blessings from above.

My deepest sympathy to Sherin’s family and to her rest of loved ones and friends, who I will keep in my prayers for them to find comfort and relief in the arms of God and with his love they will accept that Sherin is in the place of heavenly rest where there will be no more sorrow and no more pain.
“Oh death where is thy sting, Oh grave where is thy victory”
Just remember these words, “Abide with me fast falls the eventide, the darkness depends but the Lord with me will abide”

My deepest sympathy to the berief family again and I hope they will find confort in the Lord in these times that they are facing as a family.

were gonna miss this wonderful woman and all the things shes done for the state of wisconsin and nicaragua. we know so much more about nicaragua now and it’s all because of her.
it is very very very sad that we have to lose her like this.
my heart is with her and she was always a great understanding person.
RIP sherin

I had the pleasure to meet Sherin briefly a couple of weeks ago at the warehouse in Managua. Rodney Mcdonald and myself came to see the warehouse and began to understand the amazing legacy Sherin has left. What a loss this is for you and all of the people of Nicaragua.We are a grain of sand on the beach she created of hope, healing and sustainability. Please let us know what we can do to help.


Larry Hendricks

Oakland Firefighters Random Acts

I will deeply miss you, for all those years that I worked close with you, you became to be like a second mother to me. I am deeply grateful for all of your words to continue on with this organization and not let it go. We’ll honor your wish of working together and getting more people involve.

Amy and Family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please count on me to continue Sherin’s legacy.

Sherin met my grandmother 12 years ago, she wanted to become a new woman and I will achieve everything that today, I leave a great legacy to share with other women, she enjoyed knitting with two needles and a once told me you’re the ideal person to learn and I am your grandmother taught you, from that moment she became part of my family, as we can not imagine their pain, but we have been in constant prayer to God I which is in heaven will comfort all her family and strength, when he received the news they were all children of the Library and can not imagine the sadness in them was reflected by a profound silence for 5 minutes and have not stopped asking in my community, then we will do a mass in her name.

Conoci a mi abuela sherin hace 12 años, ella quiso hacerme una mujer nueva y lo logro le debo todo lo que se hoy, me deja una gran herencia para que la comparta con las demas mujeres, ella le gustaba mucho tejer con dos agujas y una vez me dijo tu eres la persona ideal para que aprendas y yo soy tu abuela que te enseñara, desde ese momento ella paso a ser parte de mi familia, no se imagina como nos duela su partida, pero hemos estado en Oracion constante para me Dios que esta en los cielos les de consuelo a toda su familia y fortaleza, cuando recibi la noticia estaban todos los niños de la Biblioteca y no se imaginan la tristeza que se reflejo en ellos haciendo un profundo silencio durante 5 minutos y no han dejado de preguntar en mi comunidad, posteriormente haremos una misa en nombre de ella.

To the entire Bowen family, It has been a very upsetting few days, with the news of Sherin’s accident. I can only imagine what your family has been through, but I also know that Sherin is feeling the love of all of you, as you stand by her. She has been a huge inspiration to me since I met her, over 10 years ago. She is like another Mother to me, as I lost my Mom at age 66, so always looked up to Sherin with any questions, and her ability and compassion to handle any situation in Nicaragua. I know God has guided her hands, heart and mind, to help all those in Nicaragua who needed her over the years. Now, her future is in the Lords hands, and we will continue to pray for all of you, as you wait upon the Lord. Please know you are in our prayers. With much love, Mary Kautz

My name is Leonor Guerrero from Nicaragua. I worked so many years with Sherin and I learned so much from her experience. I have always admired her human quality and she became part of my family. I feel her departure so deeply in my heart, May God have her in his kingdom.

Thanks so much for the update. Glad the trip to Milw. went well. We imagine there were risks associated with the move but you obviously had to do it. Please let us know if you would like us to do anythign in Stevens Point. We are praying for Sherin’s recovery and for the family’s stengh as well. We will check the website often.

Bob and Molly

Hello everyone. Thanks for the update. We’re so glad to hear that the trip to Milwaukee went OK. We imagine that there were risks associated with the trip but you obviously had to make the move. We are praying for her recovery and for the family’s strength as well. Please let us know if you would like us to do anything in Stevens Point. We’ll keep checking for updates.

Bob and Molly

You and your family are making the hardest decision anyone has to make in their lifes, that of entrusting God to guide your lives and those of your loved ones. At the same time I believe you have found that there is no other way in life but to do so. You have felt what we all must allow ourselves to experience, the love and power of our maker. As you say, it is a very freeing moment to say the least.

Thank you for sharing your very personal experience with all of us and allowing us to see how something so terrible as this accident can bring something so good. Que Dios les bendiga en su camino!

Matt DuFresne

I am a nica woman who has always admired Sherin for dedicating her life to help our children, women and youth.

On the day of the events, I still had the opportunity to talk to her from one of the interviews she was holding for a part time position to work on the learning centers in Nicaragua. And I clearly frame her energy and enthusiastic showing me all about women´s work. We normally said good bye that day on Monday, to hopefully see again.

This is why I will keep up my prayers for the hope come true!

Don and Kathy Beaver are “sending” strength and love to Sherin and her family. Thank you for updating us so quickly.

Sherin and family,

Please know that we stand strong behind you and that anything we can do for you we will. You are all such special people and would do no less for us or any other stranger you might meet. You are very special. Our prayers, blessings and thoughts are with you all. Please let us know what we can do for you and it’ll be done. Thank you and God Bless you all.

Matt, Mayra, Dani, Laura Y Mateo DuFresne Duarte
Washington, DC/Acoyapa, Nicaragua

I am Moises from Nicargua I would like let you know that Sherin nickname is Flor de Sacuanjoche is Nicaragua national flower I gave that name when she got retired and God have blessing Nicaragua through our Sherin she have been so special to me I was born once again when I met her. I would like to say more but for now my prayers heart and mind are with her.

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